What Sonia Wore: The Coatigan

What Sonia Wore: The Coatigan

OK, are we totally sensing a theme here?Long. Comfy. Cardigans.Safe to say when I find something I love, I end up owning several versions of it and rock it all season long.Last week it was the maxi cardigan, this week it's the coatigan.When I first spotted this piece on the Feather + … [Read more...]

The Maxi Cardigan Edit

The Maxi Cardigan Edit: 10 maxi cardigans from luxe to less

Last week, I rocked a piece I declared a favourite for the season...The Maxi Cardigan.I wore it with a stripe dress and ankle boots in this post and it sparked a flurry of excitement.Seems a lot of you are just as keen on the maxi cardi as I am!So, to give you a little more style … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips for Being Productive

Top 10 Productivity Tips

Have you looked at someone you admire and thought to yourself..."How the f**k do you do it?"You know, fit it all in. Get everything done. Breeze through life, looking like you've got your shit together.I know I have (thought that of someone else, that is).Productivity is such a buzz … [Read more...]

3 Life Lessons from Deborah Hutton

Sonia Styling and Deborah Hutton

Sometimes I really do need to pinch myself.My blogging agency holds a mid-year workshop for us bloggers and they really do manage to secure the most amazing and inspiring guest speakers.Last year it was Lisa Messenger (editor of my favourite magazine, The Collective) and this year it was … [Read more...]

What Sonia Wore: The Maxi Cardi

What Sonia Wore: The Maxi Cardi

It would seem every state in Australia is experiencing a different season right now.A cold snap has hit us southerners while our friends in the east and top end are experiencing balmy temperatures reminiscent of a summer that was meant to be a distant memory by now.Wherever you may live, … [Read more...]

How to Wear Ankle Boots with a Dress

How to wear ankle boots with a dress

This past Saturday happened to be a beautiful day in my hometown of Adelaide, so I threw on a dress and some ankle boots and off I went to enjoy a lovely late lunch with the husband.And of course, in true Instagram Husband style, I made him take an outfit photo of me!It was a hit with many … [Read more...]

A Weekend in Mollymook

A weekend in Mollymook

Have you been to Mollymook?I was recently in Sydney for my blogging agency's mid-year workshop and, at the end of that week, my husband flew over to join me for a weekend in Mollymook - 3 hours south of the city.I'd heard of Mollymook before but didn't really know what to expect... and my … [Read more...]

Why Do We Do It To Ourselves?

Sonia Styling for Ziera Shoes

Brought to you by Ziera I was on a boat recently. A dolphin cruise to be precise. And for some reason, unknown even to me, I decided that a great outfit to wear for this cruise would be an oversized t-shirt, ponte leggings and ankle boots. Pointy toe. Ankle boots. With a heel. As we sailed … [Read more...]

The 2016 Coat Edit

The 2016 Winter Coat Edit

Winter is literally just around the corner now.Those of us in the southern states of Australia have already experienced it - full pelt.The sudden (cold, wind and rain) snap in the weather had many of us frantically scrambling to find our winter coats.Myself included.And I've got to … [Read more...]

What Sonia Wore: Winter White

What Sonia Wore: Winter White

I love wearing white in winter.There's just something about it that reminds me of our honeymoon.We were in Paris during March and Europe was in the midst of a cold snap, which meant we got to experience snow. In Paris! I'll never forget the Jardin des Tuileries - there was something eerily … [Read more...]

5 Winter Basics to Buy Again

Winter basics to buy again

When a new season rolls around, it can be all too tempting to stock up on the latest trends.Believe me, I know!I'm just as attracted to the shiny new showpony pieces as the next fashion loving woman.BUT...You can't create versatile ensembles from showpony pieces alone. No, sir. You … [Read more...]

How to use Snapchat

How to use Snapchat

Snapchat.Let me guess: you downloaded it, spent 5 / 10 / 50 million minutes trying to figure it out, only to close the app and give up on it completely.You're not alone. I did exactly the same thing. And then I rediscovered it.Now? I'm madly in love with it!I must admit, it took a … [Read more...]