My Kidspot Voices of 2014 Journey


Right now, I'm in Melbourne. This time tomorrow night I'll be at the Kidspot Voices of 2014 gala event. Sipping a glass of bubbles, eagerly eyeing off the canapés and chatting and laughing with my fellow bloggers. It's been quite the ride to get to this point... I discovered at the end ... [ Read More ]

Updating Your Bed Linen for Summer


I used to just play it safe in the bedroom... No, not like THAT! I meant when it comes to bed linen. I used to just buy a quilt cover set, a sheet set that matched and that was that. But more and more I became fascinated with mixing and matching textiles - and for this I blame Pinterest, ... [ Read More ]

A Remarkable Turn of Events


I've only ever been called "remarkable" once before today. It was my 21st birthday and my then boyfriend (now husband) said that I was "a remarkable girl" during his speech. I'm surprised I even remember that, let alone much else of the night. I had downed quite a few glasses of pink ... [ Read More ]

What Sonia Wore: Let’s Go Shopping!


Last weekend I was lucky enough to style a Big W/L'Oreal competition winner. My role was to play personal shopper and stylist to the South Australian winner, Maria - a mother of 4, wife and caterer - for 3 hours in her local Big W store. She had $1,000 to spend and I was determined to maximise ... [ Read More ]

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men


"Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, what a mighty good man!" Last week we chatted about Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $30 and today it's time to talk potential presents for the men in our lives. Am I the only person who finds guys incredibly difficult to buy for? My husband in particular. If he ... [ Read More ]

Lucky Charm: The Jewel Collective Giveaway

The Jewel Collective

If you've been paying close attention to social media of late, you'll have discovered many of your favourite bloggers rocking pieces from a gorgeous new Australian jewellery company... The Jewel Collective. I was one of those lucky bloggers to be gifted some jewellery, so I thought it was only ... [ Read More ]



Last Sunday I was enjoying a leisurely moment, reading the latest issue of The Collective magazine, when I got stuck on a page. Page 75. An interview with illustrator extraordinaire, Kerrie Hess and more specifically her answer to the question, "Words you live by?" This is what she ... [ Read More ]

What to Wear Underneath Your Clothes


We all know the foundation of a great outfit starts with what's underneath your clothes. But what exactly does that mean? I recently received this exact question from Amanda, who asks... "I've been thinking about asking you if you could do a blog post about things worn UNDER clothing to ... [ Read More ]

Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $30


Ho-ho-holy heck, we're edging ever closer to Christmas! It's time for me to hop off the Denial Train and hop on the North Pole Express, because Christmas Day is going to be here before I know it. Over the next four Tuesdays, I'm going to be featuring Christmas gift ideas to cover just about ... [ Read More ]

Fleur Envy Custom Jewellery Giveaway


There's something extra special about a custom made piece, don't you think? It's all about the beautiful and the personal - and that's exactly the philosophy that Fleur Envy shares. Fleur Envy delivers exquisite craftsmanship with an eye for the smallest of details and "handmade" really does ... [ Read More ]

Are You an Early Bird or a Night Owl?


{image} I read somewhere once that the most successful people in the world are early birds. As in, butt crack of dawn early. I suppose it gives them a head start on the day and the rest of the world, as they power walk their way through the quiet streets and dissect their plans of world ... [ Read More ]