What Sonia Wore: White Jeans in Winter

How to wear white jeans in winter

White jeans.Who said they were only to be worn in summer?Certainly no one round these parts!There's something incredibly stylish about wearing white in winter. It's a little bit Parisian. And very crisp, classic and chic.I was recently asked by one of my readers, Meredith for … [Read more...]

Tips for Editing Your Wardrobe

Tips for editing your wardrobe

The topic of editing your wardrobe is as old as fashion itself.Well, almost.But it does seem to be a topic that many of us still struggle with.Me? I liken a wardrobe edit to a workout: you know you should do it and you know you'll feel better after you do it, but you can still come up … [Read more...]

How to Store Clothes and Accessories

Storage Solutions for Clothes and Accessories

Keeping your wardrobe and accessories under control doesn't need to be all sterile and boring.With so many gorgeous storage solutions available, now more than ever, our bedrooms and walk-in-wardrobes can look super stylish and organised.My golden rule for any space is "a place for everything … [Read more...]

What to Wear on Casual Day

What to wear on Casual Day

Casual Day.Do you have it at your workplace?At my old job, it used to be the last Friday of every month. In my current role, we've recently introduced casual day each and every Friday - with a gold coin donation collected for a different charity each week. And yes, it was one of the first … [Read more...]

What Sonia Wore: Day to Night

What Sonia Wore: Day to Night

I have many different fashion personalities.There's Casual Sonia, Girly Sonia, Corporate Sonia - to name a few.Generally speaking, my daytime look is quite relaxed and if I'm having a night out, I like to get really dressed up. So I thought I'd share both looks with you in this post. What … [Read more...]

How to Switch Off … and be Present

How to switch off and be present

Last week, I shared a personal update about my life.It sparked quite a bit of conversation, and one particular comment from Amy caught my eye. "I need to learn how to switch off... I find it hard to be present when there is so much work on my mind and when email/social media is ever … [Read more...]

How to Style Grey Ankle Boots

How to style grey ankle boots

There's one item sitting at the top of my fashion wish list right now.A(nother) pair of grey ankle boots.I have a pair from last season, which have a cut-out front (as seen in this post), but the weather has been so chilly here in my hometown of Adelaide that I'm craving a pair of boots I … [Read more...]

What Sonia Wore: White and Grey

What Sonia Wore: White and Grey

Have you been watching the new series of Offspring?I have.What do you think?Personally, I feel like after having such a long break, it's taking a bit of time to warm up. I'm liking it (not loving it) but I'm willing to stick it out and see where it goes. Yes, I'm a dedicated fan!What … [Read more...]

What to Pack for a Work Trip

What to pack for a work trip

Travelling for work can seem like a rather glamorous thing.You get to hop on a plane, jet off somewhere different and enjoy hotel room service - all on the company's tab.But it also requires a lot of planning and effort, particularly when it comes to packing.It would seem quite a few of … [Read more...]

A Personal Update

Sonia Styling

Well, hello there!So you've probably guessed by the title that this post is a personal update.I've been asked more than a few times now how I'm going and what's been happening away from the blog - particularly in my new(ish) job.It's been six months since I left my old job.For those … [Read more...]

Thank you + a Giveaway

Thank you

I feel like there's one phrase in particular that isn't used nearly enough these days. Thank you. It's a tiny little statement that packs quite a bit of power, don't you think?You can totally transform someone's mood or indeed their day by simply thanking them.So it's quite timely I say … [Read more...]

What Sonia Wore: Off Duty Look

What Sonia Wore: Off Duty Look

I get a thrill sharing beautiful outfits here on the blog with you.Because, let's face it, what fashion loving woman doesn't adore playing dress ups?!But in the art of keeping it (very) real, I have a bit of a confession.On the weekend, when I'm running around like a headless chook, … [Read more...]