5 Ways to Prevent a Hangover

5 ways to prevent a hangover | soniastyling.com

{Editor's Note: this is a judgement-free zone. If you’re not a drinker, that’s totally cool. Just please don’t judge those who do enjoy a drink. That’s totally not cool.} The party season is well and truly upon us.Our calendars are packed to the brim with Christmas parties and end of year ... [ Read More ]

A Romantic Holiday in Tasmania

A Romantic Holiday in Tasmania | #travel | soniastyling.com

Brought to you by Spirit of Tasmania Anyone else feel like you’d love to hit the Pause button on life right about now?What is it about this time of year? I’ve said it before: November is the new December. It feels like we should all be slowing down, yet things just seem to keep speeding ... [ Read More ]

What Sonia Wore: Karen Walker for FTBC

What Sonia Wore: Karen Walker for FTBC | soniastyling.com

Sometimes in fashion it's less about what you're wearing and more about why.Which is precisely the reason I happily agreed to "model" {I use that term VERY loosely} the brand new Karen Walker for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) t-shirt here on the blog.Designed by Karen Walker to ... [ Read More ]

Affordable Summer Workwear

Affordable Summer Workwear | soniastyling.com

Today's post is inspired by an email from Trish, who writes:"I would love some more ideas on what to wear to work during the warmer months. I work in administration. However, I work part-time, so I would prefer not to spend too much." What a great question!I too work in admin and I totally ... [ Read More ]

5 Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck

Christmas songs that don't suck | soniastyling.com

I can't believe I'm writing my very first Christmas themed post, but here we go...Music is a hugely important part of my life.I always have it playing – when I’m catching public transport, at work, cleaning the house, entertaining friends, blogging, cooking – you name it.And when ... [ Read More ]

High Tea at The Flying Trunk

High Tea at The Flying Trunk | soniastyling.com

Ever done something you previously haven't done in such a long time and then you realise how lovely it is and wonder why you hadn't done it sooner?That was me. Last weekend. Sunday afternoon to be precise.The gorgeous owners of our local cocktail bar, The Flying Trunk, (who have become great ... [ Read More ]

How to Style a Fitted Midi Skirt

How to style a fitted midi skirt | soniastyling.com

Reader request time!Amanda reached out to me recently with a fashion conundrum..."I love the tight stretchy midi skirts but I really struggle with what to wear on top. They are always shown with a crop top and I am not confident showing all that skin. Please help me!"I'm right there with ... [ Read More ]

What Sonia Wore: The Hepburn Dress

What Sonia Wore: The Hepburn Dress | soniastyling.com

I have a bit of a fashion tradition when it comes to Christmas.Every year I treat myself to a new dress to wear on Christmas Day.I have no idea when this started or why, but it makes me happy and it's something I think I'll do for the rest of my life.This year? I think I may have already ... [ Read More ]

A Morning in my Life

A morning in the life of fashion blogger Sonia Styling | soniastyling.com

Brought to you by NairI’m a creature of habit.I like to start each day exactly the same way.Boring? Maybe. But I read somewhere once that the most successful people in this world make their hectic lives easier by sticking to the same morning routine.While I won’t be wearing the ... [ Read More ]

Beauty Review: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

Beauty Review: NARS | soniastyling.com

I recently ran out of my usual foundation and felt like it was time for a change.Do you do that?Give a product a red hot go for a while and then swap it out for something new?I think it's a good thing when it comes to beauty products. Our skin is ever changing - with age, the weather, ... [ Read More ]

Summer Cocktail Recipe

The QQ Cocktail Recipe from Turkey Flat Vineyards | aperitif | soniastyling.com

There's something about summer and cocktails that go hand in hand like Danny and Sandy."Rama-lama-ding-dong!" ...or whatever it is they sing at the end of Grease.Anyhoo. I attended the Turkey Flat City Cellar Door event the other week and they served this ahhmazing cocktail that featured ... [ Read More ]

The Photos I Never Want to See on Instagram

The photos I never want to see on Instagram. Like. Ever. | soniastyling.com

First, let me start this post by saying...I love Instagram!It's still my favourite social media platform after all these years.{And yes, I was a very early adopter of Insta.}It doesn't really bother me that it's not so instant anymore - that's what Periscope and Snapchat are for ... [ Read More ]