What Sonia Wore: Animal Print Wrap Dress

What Sonia Wore: Animal Print Wrap Dress

OK, winter. We can totally be friends. But only because of fashion!I've quickly upped my layering game in recent days and loving it.So when this wrap dress landed on my doorstep this past week, I knew exactly how I would winter-fy it.{Totally a word}This dress features 3/4 sleeves, a … [Read more...]

What to Wear With Ponte Pants

What to wear with ponte pants

There has been much talk of ponte lately.But, before we go too far, what is ponte?Ponte {pronounced: pon-tee} is a thick, double knit fabric with two-way stretch. This means that it hugs your body, holds you in and smooths out any lumps or bumps. It's machine washable and doesn't require … [Read more...]

How to Wear Less Black in Winter

How to wear less black in winter: swap it for grey

Today's blog post is inspired by a question from Ellie, who asked me..."I've fallen back into wearing black all the time. How can I add some more colour or pattern back in?"Such a timely question!With winter upon us and cooler temperatures a daily occurrence, it's all too easy to fall … [Read more...]

What Sonia Wore: Winter Winery Weekend

What Sonia Wore: Winter Winery Weekend

Is there anything better than a long weekend?I think there is.A long weekend spent doing all the things you love, surrounded by the people you love.And we did exactly that, this past weekend.On Sunday, it was a cool yet sunny day and we found ourselves boarding a coach to head off … [Read more...]

Winter Rose Wine and Food Pairings

Yes way rosé! 5 pink wines to drink this winter (and foods to pair it with).

Who said rosé was purely a summer wine?Yes, it's lovely to enjoy a chilled glass of pink on a warm, sunny day but you can still totally enjoy rosé in winter.My first tip is to take the wine out of the fridge and allow the temperature to come up a little.I've never been a fan of ice cold … [Read more...]

What Sonia Wore: Winter Floral

What Sonia Wore: Winter Floral

I'm a bit of a weirdo when it comes to my work wardrobe.I work 4 days a week in my day job in communications, so technically most of my week is spent in corporate wear - BUT! - I can't seem to bring myself to really splash out and create a large and expansive work wardrobe.All I can seem to … [Read more...]

How to Wear Leopard Print

How to wear leopard print

Good news my fellow leopard print lovers!Our favourite print is on-trend once again this season.The June issue of The Fashion Bible - AKA Vogue - states that there's "a reason why animal print has long been a favourite among the rich, famous and fabulous" and that "now is the time to wear … [Read more...]

Our Living Room Makeover

Our living room makeover

I have a little winter project on the go.During these cooler months that make us want to hibernate, I want to make my cave comfortable and clutter free.A pre-spring-spring clean, if you will. I'm tackling room by room, cupboard by cupboard, drawer by drawer. I'm also updating our décor … [Read more...]

How to Fix Dry Cracked Lips

How to fix dry cracked lips

One of the tell-tale signs we're heading into winter is dry, cracked lips.When the skin on the lips becomes very dry, they can hurt, crack, and even bleed in some cases - including mine.What causes this? Exposure to sun, wind, and cold, dry air as well as breathing with your mouth open, … [Read more...]

What Sonia Wore: The Coatigan

What Sonia Wore: The Coatigan

OK, are we totally sensing a theme here?Long. Comfy. Cardigans.Safe to say when I find something I love, I end up owning several versions of it and rock it all season long.Last week it was the maxi cardigan, this week it's the coatigan.When I first spotted this piece on the Feather + … [Read more...]

The Maxi Cardigan Edit

The Maxi Cardigan Edit: 10 maxi cardigans from luxe to less

Last week, I rocked a piece I declared a favourite for the season...The Maxi Cardigan.I wore it with a stripe dress and ankle boots in this post and it sparked a flurry of excitement.Seems a lot of you are just as keen on the maxi cardi as I am!So, to give you a little more style … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips for Being Productive

Top 10 Productivity Tips

Have you looked at someone you admire and thought to yourself..."How the f**k do you do it?"You know, fit it all in. Get everything done. Breeze through life, looking like you've got your shit together.I know I have (thought that of someone else, that is).Productivity is such a buzz … [Read more...]