25 Random Things About Me

I love Getting To Know You type games (as I confessed previously in this post).

It’s especially cool when bloggers you like and enjoy reading join in those games, which is exactly what happened when my Hair Idol, Christina from Hair Romance wrote her post ‘25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me‘.

Inspired by Christina, I thought I’d share 25 random facts about me. Some things you may already know, some you may not. Hopefully you don’t discover anything so shocking or appalling that we can’t be friends anymore. But I suppose that’s half the fun, right…?!

OK, ready? Here we go…


  1. I’m an English nerd. The subject, not the nationality. It was my favourite subject at school and I always got really good grades. To this day, I love nothing more than writing and editing. Executives at work ask me to edit documents for them, friends ask me to look at things for them. Safe to say, if you want something edited – I’m your girl!
  2. Speaking of nationality… My heritage is English, Croatian and Serbian. That makes me one interesting (and sometimes crazy) individual! No one has ever been able to pick my background by looking at me, but interstaters have thought I was English thanks to my South Australian accent. And my husband certainly knows about my Croatian/Serbian side when I fire up…!
  3. I used to be a Kardashian fan. Here’s where I might lose some of you, but please – hold on. I watched every single episode of the Kardashians from the very beginning until recently, when I (like about eleventy billion other people) lost interest. Still like me…?!
  4. I turn the volume down when parking. I also turn it down when I’m reversing and driving in heavy traffic. For some reason, it helps me concentrate but it does not improve my parking or reversing skills.
  5. I can’t drive a manual car. I was a little bit late to the driving party (I got my licence at the age of 19), so of course I was in a bit of a hurry to get out on the roads. This meant I learnt in an automatic with grand plans to learn a manual once I was a confident driver. Some 10 years later, that still hasn’t happened yet!
  6. Don’t call me indecisive. I’m quite laid back about most things and will happily go with the flow. Some people mistake this for indecisiveness and that really frustrates me. If I feel passionately or strongly about something, I will speak up, I will be heard and I will get my way (just ask my husband)!
  7. Before my husband, I had never dated a blonde haired, blue eyed boy. I always went for dark hair and dark eyes. Clearly what I thought was my ‘type’ wasn’t really my ‘type’ after all!
  8. My celebrity crushes are David Beckham and Channing Tatum. I’ve well and truly hopped on the Blonde Train, haven’t I? They each come with conditions though – David can’t speak and Channing can’t wear a shirt. Fair enough, right?!
  9. I can’t swim. I can kind of do breaststroke and can tread water a bit, but freestyle? Nup. Backstroke? No way. Butterfly? Get out of town. How I managed to get through all those years of swimming in PE lessons and countless swimming carnivals without acquiring any kind of swimming ability is beyond me. You failed me, South Australian school system!
  10. I’m funny with numbers. Not funny haha, but funny bordering on crazy. If I’m adjusting the volume on the TV or stereo, it has to be on an even number. If my husband asks me to contribute lotto numbers to his entry, they are always even. Even numbers make me feel good, odd numbers make me feel…odd.
  11. I am a bit of a neat freak. It annoys me if I leave for work and haven’t made the bed or if there are dishes stacked up on the kitchen bench. Granted, I know these things can’t always be done and the house can’t always look perfect, but I can’t explain the feeling of calm that washes over me when our walk-in-wardrobe is neat and tidy…
  12. I hang my clothes by colour. Another Virgo personality trait. I like having my clothes grouped by colour and sorted from short to long. It helps me put together my outfits and makes me feel like my life is in some kind of order.
  13. I swear like a sailor. I can shock some people during conversation, as S-words and F-bombs flow out of me as naturally as breathing. It’s a bad habit and not very ladylike I know, but hey – I blame my Eastern European heritage!
  14. My happy colour is hot pink. I used to love pink as a little girl and that love is still going strong to this day. If I ever feel like I’m wearing too much black, if the weather’s a little dreary or if I’m feeling a bit flat, I put on a pop of hot pink and it helps lift my mood.
  15. I can rap. Well, I know the rap in one song – Frontin’ by Pharrell (Jay Z’s part). I’m pretty sure it was my mad rap skillz that won Mr Styling over while we were dating. Whenever that songs comes on, I like to make sure I’ve still got it. Word.
  16. I’m very particular with my cup of tea. I like a really strong cup of tea – no milky dishwater for me, thanks. Mr Styling is the same. We’re what’s known as Double Baggers. We use 2 tea bags each (Twinings Irish Breakfast is our fave) and just a dash of milk. He likes a shovel of sugar in his, I don’t need it – I’m sweet enough. BAM!
  17. I’m an LA Clippers fan. Mr Styling loves the NBA. He’s a baller from way back. He says you follow the NBA one of two ways – either you follow a player (like he does – LeBron James) and support whatever team they’re playing for, or you choose a team and stick with them no matter who’s playing for them. I’ve gone the team option because I like to think if I was at a game, I’d be sitting next Hollywood celebs!
  18. I lived without a kitchen, bathroom and laundry for 10 months. Thanks to a comedy of errors, including a premature demolition, rain that just wouldn’t let up and builders’ schedules that just wouldn’t line up, we spent 10 months without running water inside our house. We cooked dinner in an electric frypan and microwave, used plastic cutlery and crockery, had to shower at work or the gym (or friends’ homes) and our toilet was a portaloo on our front lawn. For 10 months. You have no idea how much I appreciated that first hot shower at home. And toilet visit inside.
  19. I can’t ride a bike. I never made it past training wheels. I’m not entirely sure why. I guess my parents never bothered to teach me and I never bothered to learn. My friends want to teach me, but this idea usually comes up after a few drinks so my coordination and trust levels are quite low. Needless to say, it hasn’t happened yet!
  20. I’m Adelaide born, raised and proud. I love my city, I think she’s an underrated gem. It really pisses me off when people criticise Adelaide because it hasn’t got a lot of super tall buildings and isn’t as bustling compared to other cities. Bullshit. We’ve got amazing heritage buildings, beautiful beaches, amazing wine regions and fantastic bars and restaurants. And I will happily show anyone around my hometown if you come to visit!
  21. I sniff the milk. Every single time before I pour. Sometimes twice. I’m a stickler for expiry dates on food and I have a bit of a sensitive tummy when it comes to dairy, so I take extra care to make sure it’s OK before I go in for the kill.
  22. I love salty and sweet together. If I’m pretending calories don’t exist and indulging, one of my favourite breakfasts is French toast with maple syrup and crispy bacon (bacon always has to be crispy in my books). I’ve also been known to eat popcorn or pretzels and chocolate at the same time.
  23. I have a goldfish memory. I’m seriously hopeless at remembering things, so I always keep a To Do list and write things in my diary. I do however, have a fantastic memory for song lyrics and being able to name a song by title and artist just a couple of bars into the intro.
  24. I pull faces when I’m concentrating. I’ll pout, scrunch up my nose or squint my eyes when I’m deep in thought or intensely concentrating on a task. I don’t know I’m doing it until someone either mimics me or calls me out on it.
  25. I wore a back brace as a youngster. I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine). I was diagnosed at the age of 10 with a 54 degree S-curvature in my spine and spent the next 5 years in a back brace. This didn’t improve, so I ended up having back surgery at the age of 15. I have 8 rods and 16 screws fused into my spine. No, I don’t set off the metal detector at the airport…!

There you have it. 25 random facts about me. Quite the character, aren’t I?!

Do you share any of my quirks? Are you surprised by any of my tidbits?

I’d love to know a random fact or 2 about you if you’d like to share in the comments.


  1. Penelope says

    Fellow Adelaideian who can also rep Frontin’… There’s a karaoke bar just waiting for us :) x

  2. says

    I can imagine you having these traits! Somehow I imagine you being this vivacious bubbly girl. And yeah…I swear like a sailor too. Just ask Mr. C. He’s a builder & I swear more than he does!

  3. says

    I share MANY of your quirks! Sonia, this was almost spooky how much it was like reading about myself. From the English nerdiness, to the volume thing (in the car AND the even numbers to the milk and the swearing… I just can’t rock a rap though, I’ll have to leave that in your capable hands ; )

  4. says

    Thank you for sharing all these bits about you. I have been contemplating doing this for the last few weeks. Not sure I can come up with 25 though. I will give it a go though.

  5. says

    ba ha ha, fellow OCD neat freak here, no way I would double bag but I do love a cuppa. For clothes to come in colours I would need more clothes and hues in my wardrobe!
    Totally adore david beckham but think it is his amazing Dad side I find the most attractive and his hot bod of course but have never had a blonde boyfriend.
    salt and sweet oh my how I can agree on that one too :)

  6. says

    I consider myself quite the talented (or at the very least, enthusiastic!) rapper too. We should totes have a rap off one day, ha! x

  7. Mish says

    1. I’m a ‘wog’ girl too! My Mum is Scottish/English/Irish & my Dad is Maltese/Italian. Yes hubby certainly knows it when I get mad too!
    2. I don’t like the Kar-trash-ians but that’s OK we can still be internet friends 
    3. I hang my clothes by colour too & then by what they are, i.e. all skirts together, tops, etc
    4. I’m trying to stop swearing, it’s not easy some days!
    5. My happy colour is Red 
    6. I’m a fusspot with my coffee – make it wrong & God help you lol
    7. HOW can you live without a kitchen, bathroom & laundry for that long??? I bow down to the awesomeness that you are for doing this without going insane!
    8. I’m a Sydney gal who now lives on the Gold Coast …..enough said!
    9. I’ve got a sensitive tummy too but it only comes out when meat isn’t super fresh
    10. I pull faces when concentrating too – must be our European blood…
    11. I have scoliosis too – not as severe as yours but it’s caused me lots of issues over the years.

  8. Rose says

    1. Of all the places I have lived, I think Adelaide is the best

    2. I too suffer from mild OCD. Things have to be lined up just right!

    3. I suffer from ‘potty mouth’ too!

  9. Ella says

    WOW Sonia! I think we could be sisters from another mister! Nodding in agreement with 4,5,10,11, 12 + 16. I am a Leo (August 18) although I think my personality traits, at times, lean more towards me being a Virgo. I turn the volume down (to an even number obviously) when looking for a particular street sign. Clearly makes it easier to see! Haven’t got around to learning manual either – oops! I am a tea snob! Will happily admit it too. Love t2 english breakfast, but it has to be the right strength – not too weak, not too strong. No milk or sugar either. I can’t believe you didn’t have running water for 10 months! My gosh that would have been intense. I would love to visit Adelaide city. I’ve been to Kangaroo Island (on a flying charter) and it is one special place. Speaking of travel, I would love to go to Croatia. It’s on the to-go list!

    • Sonia says

      I really want to go to Croatia too! If you ever come to Adelaide, I will happily meet you for a drink – we certainly wouldn’t be short on conversation!

  10. says

    I can’t swim either!! When I was at teacher’s college we had to swim 50m freestyle to get our lifesaving certificate – goodness only knows how I did it, pretty sure I swallowed half the pool but I made it!!! 😉

  11. says

    You are even more fabulous that I possibly thought you could be! I loved Adelaide when we visited many years ago. It’s built on the same city plan as my beloved Christchurch, so I felt right at home. x

  12. says

    Now I know why I love your blog and Instagram feed so much! We are very much alike especially when it comes to numbers 3,4 & 5. Oh and I swear like a sailor to, I’ve tried to stop but now I just think it’s endearing 😉

  13. says

    Wonder Twin powers activate over 10 and 22.
    I’m all over even numbers, even for my alarm – quarter hour odds are the only acceptable exception.
    And salty needs sweet, definitely. (Psst, number 9 needs that editorial touch.)
    I like this idea – but I think I’ll go for 24 things – that’s my fave number of all.

    • Sonia says

      You get the gold star for picking up my typo (which I’ve now fixed thanks to your eagle eye) – thanks Annette!

  14. says

    Number 12 has nothing to do with being a Virgo, it’s a matter of organising everything by colour and millions of us do it. Even stylists tell you to organise your wardrobe this way.

  15. says

    OMG do you know we share many a quirk chick from Kardashians to not getting a licence until 19, turning down the volume to concentrate to wanting to remove David’s voicebox. We share the number thing, the neat freakiness, the swearing and scoliosis. I sniff my milk in fact I sniff everything and I like to dip salty fries into a thickshake. My trademark move is the tongue out te side of my mouth when I am concentrating and I think it is about time to cue the twilight zone music about now sister 😉 xx

  16. says

    Aaaah I think we may be soul sistas Chick!
    Firstly, I just finished writing my Facts About Me post and am posting on Monday.
    I am a HUGE LA Clippers fan! Blake Griffin and De Andre Jordan are my favourite players.
    I too swear like a sailor. Don’t know why.
    I also turn the volume down when parking or trying to concentrate in the car.
    I hang my clothes (and books and makeup) by colour, every time aaaaaaand I always sniff the milk!

  17. says

    5 and I’m still on Ls for an auto, age 33- saddo
    13 (Irish we use swear words as adjectives)
    15 (Vanilla Ice Ice Baby!!)
    16 (Irish tea is the best – although here I drink Dilmah extra strength, leave the bag in and one micro-drop of milk please!)
    21 I’m so adverse I make my hubby smell the milk! Scars from childhoos sour milk on cereal trauma
    22 Thats my crack – malteasers in popcorn at the cinema!!
    24 I do this all the time- sometimes people think Im really grumpy but am thinking!!
    25 Ive got lower lumbar scoliosis too, but never so bad fora brace, that must have been awful at that age :( You’ll be straight as a pin when you are an 80 year old lady though!

  18. ali says

    I’ve just come across your blog (lovely by the way!) and had to have a look-see at this post because, let’s face it – I’m nosy! It’s alarming how much you remind me of me! Honestly, except for a couple of points, I could’ve copied and pasted this onto ’25 facts about Ali’ You are a good egg, I can tell

  19. ali says

    I’ve just come across your blog (lovely by the way!) and had to have a look-see at this post because, let’s face it – I’m nosy! It’s alarming how much you remind me of me! Honestly, except for a couple of points, I could’ve copied and pasted this onto ’25 facts about Ali’ You are a good egg, I can tell ;o)

  20. says

    i lost interest with the Kardashian too but i was a an avid fan for the longest time. Thank goodness the Bachelor AU and all other aussie reality tv. In sayin that, I also love “Say yes to the dress” – US version.
    really enjoying your blog and I am liking your hair. I am deciding what hairstyle to go for. i really like the long bob trend but i am too chicken to cut my long-long-long hair! x



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