Uberkate Uber ID Cuff Giveaway

Uberkate is the brain child of Kate Sutton, a former television producer and silversmith extraordinaire who creates wearable art that emotionally connects you to your world.

Many of her initial designs were created for herself but later extended to friends who admired her work.

Each piece reflects the unique creative philosophy of Uberkate.

Uberkate is a family owned and run jewellery design studio specialising in designs that capture the spirit of relationships in precious metals.

During a successful career as a television producer Kate designed her signature piece “The Ubercircle” to keep her family close to her heart while she was travelling. Her personalised made-to order designs were born out of her own desire to wear jewellery “that meant something”.

Recently Kate expanded her range to include the stunning Uber ID Cuffs A single arc of sterling silver with a circular hoop on each end designed to be tied around the wrist with a leather strap.

The Uber ID Cuffs come in a medium and large size and are the perfect wrist accessory for both men and women. They can even be used as medical alert bracelets.

I’m lucky enough to own an Uber ID Cuff myself. I’m part of the Down That Little Lane (DTLL, as we affectionately call it) Blogger Family and I wear my cuff with great pride. It’s like being part of a really cool gang with a bunch of lovely people you’d happily call your family.


Thanks to Kate’s generosity, Down That Little Lane and I have joined together to give you the chance to win your very own personalised Medium Uber ID Cuff.

All you need to do to enter is tell us in 25 words what you would choose to have engraved on your Uber ID Cuff and follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget below to validate your entry.

The competition is open now and closes Sunday 6 July 2014 at 11.30pm AEST.

You can view the full range of Uberkate jewellery stocked by Down That Little Lane here.

* The giveaway has now closed. Congratulations to Carly Jacobs! *

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  1. NatalIe p says

    So many words & phrases come to mind but the one that always rings true “live your best life” would motivate me daily!

  2. Jenni says

    Would love a stylish Uberkate bracelet. Would have it say
    Jenni Eyles
    Breast cancer “thriver”
    Lymphoedema Alert left arm

  3. Chelsea says

    Smoosh & Jas with a love heart & a paw print – I scored an Ubercircle necklace after years of sending hubby hints from the Uberkate website a couple of Christmases ago and while that reflects my partner & I it doesn’t include our gorgeous furbabies! (PS if I don’t win I should start sending hubby hints for a second circle actually, good plan).

    • Chelsea says

      Oh, in 25 words:
      “Smoosh & Jas with a love heart & a paw print as my furbabies were left off my Ubercircle necklace a few Christmases ago!”

  4. Renae says

    I’d love an uber Kate piece. Love her talent. My cuff would say ‘Be true. To yourself. To others.’

  5. Claire says

    There are three things that last forever: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of them all is love.

  6. Lauren Roney says

    Forever Love , that’s the inscription my beautiful husband had engraved in our wedding rings and it reminds me daily to be forever loving and grateful <3

  7. Lucy says

    What an amazing piece! I would get “Stop and Smell the Roses” and I am constantly told to relax and my middle name is Rose

  8. Kylie says

    Eeek! I think I just squealed a little when I saw how gorgeous they are!! Now my mind is running in overdrive coming up with the perfect phrase to put on one :-) I think I’d end up getting one for my BFF too…

    Kylie & Megs
    Est. 1989

  9. Tam says

    I would put one of my favourite quotes; “Love and be loved” & then underneath I would put the initials of my Husband & two kidlets.

  10. says

    with the birth of my third grandchild 2 weeks ago I would love to have my 3 grand children’s names engraved into this gorgeous cuff to give to my daughter-in-law so she has her babies with her all the time

  11. says

    And you should wear that cuff with great pride, its a special bunch! :-)

    Mine would be simple: Karma – Reason – Purpose

    These three things ring true to me everyday, in everything that happens from bad to good, to everything. 3 key words to live by and keep me on path to believe that if you treat people with karma that everything will have a reason and a purpose, even if it doesn’t seem so at the time :-)

  12. AmAnDa says

    Mine would say “Proudest and most grateful mummy to Violet and Patrick” – especially to wear while away from them at work!

  13. donna says

    Love, love, love this. It’s like the never ending circle of life. Mine would have to say “Scott, Donna, Oliver. Est 2006”. That’s when my little family began and my life changed forever…for the better. Thankyou

  14. says

    I would soooo love to have an Uberkate piece and would wear it with pride. Mine would say:

    Ars Amandi, ars Vivendi
    C O L

    My husband chose this to be engraved in our wedding rings. It’s Latin and means something like: The Art of Love, the Art of Living

    and then below the initials of my hubby and the two kids.

    Thanks god we double checked before engraving. They misspelled and it would have meat something with guns… haha

  15. Tanya Clarke says

    ‘My love, my life, my Liam.’ I’m a single mum by choice and my son Liam is my everything. Love him to bits. <3

  16. sapna says

    I would love to engrave the word “OM” on it… It will be wonderful to have it with me all the time…

  17. Kahlia may says

    I know people love family and inspirational things, but mine would say PATISSIER. Finally in my dream career.

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