My Home: Kitchen, Dining & Lounge

Welcome to my home!

I’ve had quite a number of requests to share more of my home on the blog – not just the snippets you see in the back ground of my outfit photos – so I thought I’d kick off the tour with the room we spend the most amount of time in…

Our back room, which consists of an open plan kitchen, dining and lounge.

But first, to give you a bit of background, we live in the inner southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia in a lovely 1900 symmetrical villa. Although it wasn’t always so lovely. When we purchased it nearly 3 and a half years ago, it was so unloved, run down and in dire need of a major makeover. Not to mention partial demolition and an extension too.

I’ll tell you more about the makeover in future posts when I share photos of the original part of the house, but today we’re hanging out in the newest part.

Our extension – which consists of a walk-in-wardrobe and ensuite for our bedroom, laundry, powder room, main bathroom, open plan kitchen/dining/lounge and outdoor room – was finished in 2013. And when I say ‘finished’ I don’t actually mean ‘finished’. Those who have renovated/extended their home will understand when I say that when you first undertake your very own version of The Block, you have absolutely no idea just how much time and money that project will demand.

We got to a stage in the latter part of our project when there was one final chunk of money left in the budget and one final big decision to be made on how to spend it: completely finish the interior of the house (including buying furniture) plus putting up the carport and landscaping the front yard… or put in the pool.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram and Facebook will know the answer to this conundrum: we went for the pool.

Now that’s not to say I regret that decision. Quite the opposite. We love our pool (and so do our friends!) and have gotten so much use and happiness from it. Plus it was the perfect time to have it put in with full access down the driveway, so logic won. And so did our social life.

But back to the house.

This means there are still plenty of ‘finishing off jobs’ to be done, which I’ll share with you as we make our way through the tour. And in the case of this room, our butler’s pantry (hidden behind the kitchen) needs to be fitted out with cabinetry. It currently features a mish-mash of temporary shelving to house our coffee machine, toaster, microwave, platters, the amp, Foxtel box, etc. Just another job on the To Do list!

Ready to see where we love to hang out? Here we go…

My Home: Kitchen, Dining & Lounge |

This is what you see when you walk through the front door, down the hallway and into the back room. Dining table to your left, kitchen to your right and the lounge straight ahead. The husband designed our extension, including the fantastic vaulted ceiling, which accommodates the commercial sized bi-fold doors. We open up the doors on warm evenings and play music through the amp, which is what those speakers in the ceiling are for.

My Home: Kitchen, Dining & Lounge |

This fireplace made of reconstructed stone runs from the floor to the ceiling. We love to crank this baby during the colder months and I love the fact that I can switch it on and off with a remote. We set the timer so that it comes on half an hour before we get up in the morning and also when we get home from work. Many a glass of red has been consumed in front of it, with that spot on the couch being hotly contested (pun intended).

My Home: Kitchen, Dining & Lounge |

This has got to be the world’s most comfortable couch (from Harvey Norman). I fall asleep on it just about every single night in front of the TV! Too many cushions are never enough and my biggest tip would be to buy cushion covers – much cheaper – and then buy the $9 feather filled inserts from IKEA. The cushion covers are from IKEA, Down that Little Lane, Target and I Love Linen. The coffee table is from Freedom (similar style here) and the throw rugs are from IKEA and I Love Linen.

My Home: Kitchen, Dining & Lounge |

We searched for ages to find the perfect dining table to fill this space. We ended up scoring this 3 metre table for a song from Early Settler (it’s actually an outdoor table, according to them). The metal dining chairs are from Relax House and are not as uncomfortable as some people might lead you to believe. I love the industrial feel they add to the recycled teak table. The beautiful orchid was a 30th birthday gift to me from Ms Fox in Flats and I can’t believe it’s still going strong. I am so not a green thumb type!

My Home: Kitchen, Dining & Lounge |

Here’s the kitchen – which seems to be where we all end up gathering when friends come over. The husband found the stools at Officeworks of all places and I love that they encourage people to take a seat and engage in conversation with whoever is cooking (not me!). The white/bamboo fruit bowl was a $10 find at Kmart and the blue glass vases were a housewarming gift from my husband’s aunty. The artwork you can see on the right was painted by my brother-in-law as a wedding gift to us and is actually the centre diamond of my engagement ring. The painting has shades of white, beige, silver and grey and catches the light in different ways at different times of the day. A truly special piece (just like my ring).

My Home: Kitchen, Dining & Lounge |

Here we have the world’s biggest clock! An amazing housewarming gift from my husband’s parents, it is actually much lighter than it looks and runs on a single AA battery. Obviously it’s the husband’s job to change the time when daylight savings ends/begins…!

My Home: Kitchen, Dining & Lounge |

This is a wooden floating shelf which runs the length of the room, either side of the fireplace. My husband and his friend made it themselves from recycled Tasmanian oak. I only have a few decorative ornaments on it – in opposite corners – as I’m not sure how much more I want to add to it. The stunning candelabra was a wedding gift from friends, the print is from Down that Little Lane, the owl is from Target and the love letters were a gift from one of my bridesmaids on our wedding day.

My Home: Kitchen, Dining & Lounge |

While it’s generally frowned upon to play favourites with loved ones, it’s totally OK to play favourites with cushions! The hummingbird cushion cover and black and white cushion cover are both from Down that Little Lane. The Bonjour cushion cover was a gift from Lauren of I Love Linen. Tres bien!

My Home: Kitchen, Dining & Lounge |

This is the opposite corner of the floating shelf and features a photo of Amalfi I snapped one morning during breakfast (he was waiting for some bacon to drop) and also a photo from our engagement photoshoot. The little owl was a gift from my mother-in-law to say thank you for hosting Christmas Day and the ampersand light was a gift from Lucy of Little Letter Lights Co. We adore this light so much that after dinner, all the other lights in the room get switched off and this gets switched on and used as a lamp while we enjoy a cup of tea and an episode of Seinfeld before bed.

So there you have it!

The tour of our back room has come to an end.

I hope you had fun hanging out with me here. Until the next time…

Do you have any questions about our kitchen/dining/lounge?

Do you have open plan living at your place? What are your favourite pieces in that room?


  1. says

    It is lovely to see it as a whole Sonia! Very jealous of your butler’s pantry…I have started wondering how we could reconfigure our kitchen dining area to include one without making it seem like there is a weird room in the corner.

    Love your big clock too! I need a new one…the one we own is adorning a wall in an apartment we own in the city…we really should snaffle it back if we ever get a chance!

    • Sonia says

      Thanks Tatum! A butler’s pantry is a great way to sneak in some extra storage and hide bulky appliances. The beauty of it is that you don’t need a lot of space either. Ooh yes, definitely get that clock back!

  2. merilyn says

    love, love, love it! thanks for sharing Sonia!
    the spaciousness, open plan, those patio doors, that kitchen!
    what’s not to love! bringing the outdoors in! love that table and your floating shelf! … I get excited about interesting spaces!
    good taste hun! … girl after my own heart! great designing by “the husband” … keeper!
    your floor is how I came to your blog! but it’s the whole deal that keeps me coming back! that’s that song by that gorgeous spunk dean ray!;0 … song title “i’ll keep coming back”
    ok! enjoy your day! … love m:)X

  3. Karen says

    I adore your house Sonia! I can’t wait to see the original part of the cottage! So can I ask who did your reno or is Mr Styling a builder? Our house was deemed “heritage place” by Unley council about 12 months ago and so we are currently in the throws of getting quotes and working with the heritage architect to have the front fascia restored but at some point I would love to get some work done at the back, the more modern end of the house (an extension done in the 80’s). My house is much smaller than yours but and the floor plan could do with a rework to make better use of the limited space. Any tips on good builders would be much appreciated!

    • Sonia says

      Thanks Karen! Our friend is a builder and he did our extension for us, so we were lucky in that respect. Definitely contact a few different builders and meet with them to discuss your plans, get a quote and see if you think they will be the right person for the job. Not easy, but definitely worthwhile!

  4. SAm says

    Thank you for giving us a tour of you lovely. Your ability to style obviously extends from fashion to interior decor. How serene and welcoming you replace must be to come home to.

  5. Paula says

    What a lovely space! Can I ask who did your bifold doors? I love the fact that the frames aren’t too thick. Also, I notice you have 6 panels. We are getting quotes and they are all saying to go for 5 panels with one door that hinges back on itself. Do you have one door that opens and hinges back on the others, if you don’t want to open all of the doors? x

  6. says

    Love the space, maybe its an age thing but suddenly my house looks like I have so much ‘paraphernalia’ and yep those tolix chairs are not so fab huh? we have a few outdoors and fine for short stints but not great for long lunches..

    • Sonia says

      It’s a funny thing, isn’t it? I feel like I need more “stuff” in our space, but I don’t know quite what and how much. I guess the right pieces will find me at the right time!

  7. Kelly says

    Beautiful styling! You have done an awesome job. Next series of ‘The Block’ maybe??
    Looks like a great space to spend catching up with friends over dinner & drinks or a lazy Saturday night with a glass of red & a movie! Xx

  8. says

    Thank you for sharing! I love it!

    We have many plans and have saved some cash to pay for it. But too many plans and not enough time makes it hard work!

    Our laundry is about to be turned into a proper fitted pandry / launtry. And I can’t wait!

  9. says

    I love perving on other people’s homes because might is such a crappy crappy sight at the moment. Kids. I blame the kids. I love cushions as much as the next woman I know but damn…they’ve gone walkabout. Kids. Did I mention the darn kids? Yes, they’ve accosted my gorgeous Indian embroidered cushions, taken off the covers and now have decorated their bedrooms with MY cushions with their own covers. I’m waiting for the next home that we’re building at the moment where I will lay down the law and make sure they don’t steal my precious cushions! 😀

  10. says

    A beautiful space Sonia. Styled exquisitely, just like you! It looks like a lovely room to curl up and relax in. I am doing a major declutter at the moment and your space has given me the extra nudge I need!

    • Sonia says

      Thanks so much, V. That means a lot coming from you – I think you’ve got such an amazing eye for interiors. x

  11. says

    Just love your space Sonia. Makes me envious! We have lego all over the floor currently and my kids seem convinced cushions are meant to be on the floor! LOVE the way you’ve mix and matched you cushions! They look amazing. Do you mind if I share your post?

  12. says

    Such a beautiful space and home you guys have created hun. Yep I think I would be very comfy there on that couch with you drinking wine in front of that fireplace and talking for hours. So ummm when do you want me? 😉 xx


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