Three for Me

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Three for Me: body, mind, soul.

Here we are, at the start of a fresh new year.

There’s no denying there’s something exciting about the start of the year. There’s a sense of possibility. A chance to start over. To try new things and leave old habits in the past.

But it can also be a little overwhelming, don’t you think?

All this talk about ‘new year, new me’ and pressure to share your new year’s resolutions with friends, family and the online world. It can be a little much. Speaking of which…

Rewind to the start of 2016. For me personally and a lot of other people, we thought it was going to be the best year ever.

I started the year with high hopes, lofty goals and a list of resolutions a mile long. And then life happened. 2016 ended up being my most difficult and challenging year yet. I limped towards the finishing line, goals and resolutions long forgotten, totally exhausted – mentally, physically and emotionally.

This year?

I’m doing things a little differently. Take a look…


Do you like my concept?

Three for Me – Body, Mind and Soul.

Want in? Here are a few ideas to get you started…


For me it’s about moving every day. I’ve re-joined the gym and have eased my way back into regular workouts. On the days I don’t get to the gym or don’t feel like going, I’ll move in other ways such as going for a walk or having a good stretch session at home.

Other ways you can look after your body in 2017:


When it comes to my mind, it’s the fittest part of me – it constantly races at a million miles an hour! This year, I plan to give it some rest by putting the screen down earlier each night and picking up a book. I used to love reading as a kid but as an adult, I’ve let life get in the way of a good book. That changes in 2017!

More ways you can take care of your mind this year:

  • Learn a language
  • Do puzzles, crosswords, soduku
  • Make your mental health a priority
  • Sign up for a course in photography, cooking, crochet…
  • Write a journal and let your thoughts pour out onto the pages


Soul is another word I like to use for emotional wellbeing. In the spirit of taking care of my health, I also plan on carving out time in the day to be still, drop the stress levels and get back to a place of Zen by regularly meditating. Allowing myself to stop, close my eyes and just concentrate on breathing in and out.

Other ways you can nurture your soul in 2017:

  • Schedule regular catch-ups with your girlfriends
  • Listen to your favourite music every day
  • Arrange a Date Night with your partner each month
  • Dance, sing, play!
  • Book into a health retreat

Three for Me: body, mind, soul.

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Are you with (Three for) Me?


  1. says

    What a great concept!

    I’m in recovery mode this year, recovering emotionally and physically from chronic illness.

    My Three For Me

    – move more. I’m aiming for 7500 steps every day. It’s not a big goal to some but it’s a stretch goal for me.

    – cut the treats. I eat really well but I “reward” myself too often.

    – work on my emotional health. I am seeing a counsellor to help process life with chronic pain. And cut the guilt!

  2. Chelsea says

    Body: I’m starting again (again) but I’m keeping it real this time. I lost 50kg in 12mths about 5yrs ago, but was really strict with clean eating & used to do up to 3hrs exercise a day. Now my limit is one workout plus walking the dogs and just eating real food. No potions, no restrictive plans, just common sense basics to try to make it stick for life.

    Mind: I’m doing one of those mental health tracker things. It’s just a piece of paper, but I track things like how much sleep I got; how much water I drank; how I felt. Every single day. I’ve only been doing it a week and can already see such a correlation between how lifestyle affects my mental health.

    Soul: I started my own 365 project! Every day I post three pics (a win, a fail and a quote) to Instagram and write 150 words about it on a blog. I work in communications but lose my passion for it regularly because it’s all about the clients so this is just for me.

    ^^ I put this in the comp form but wanted to write it here too :)

  3. Amber jablonskis says

    Body: aiming to walk each day so I can achieve 12,000 steps, which will, less sitting and feeling good.

    Mind: keeping a journal of my life for our children to read. Another journal of prayer. Also doing more puzzles and mind exercises.

    Soul: Yoga and mediation, listening to music more often and dancing, which is good for the soul. Family times, chatting, laughter and plenty of hugs.


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