Trusting the timing of life

Sonia Styling + Michael Hill collaboration

Recently, I took the leap from my comfortable, familiar corporate life to the relatively unknown – working for myself.

I’ve always been one who believes in trusting the timing of life.

Sure, it can be ridiculously frustrating and at times it can be hard to remain upbeat, but inevitably it all works out how it should, when it should.

If anyone is an example of that, it’s me.

Sonia Styling for Michael Hill

I started this blog in October 2013 as a creative outlet from a job that had become just that – a job. Lacking in inspiration or challenge, I created Sonia Styling.

Fast forward to today and here I am, embarking on a whole new chapter. One as a blogger and a business owner. I couldn’t have foreseen that at the beginning, but it sure is clear as day right now.

And it’s a moment worth celebrating.

You see, I’ve also always been one for stopping to take in the moment and to remember it in some way special, with something special.

So to mark this transition in my life, this next new chapter, I decided to spoil myself a little.

Remember, back in the day when someone retired from work, they got a gold watch?

{Or does it still happen? Let me know!}

Well, thanks to Michael Hill, I gifted myself the very same… actually, a rose gold version. Because: rose gold.

Sonia Styling for Michael Hill

(Pictured: Michael Hill Ladies Multi-Function Watch in Rose Tone Stainless Steel)

Sonia Styling for Michael Hill

And, because I’m such a fashion loving girl at heart, I also chose the matching rose gold studs to wear with my new watch.

Sonia Styling for Michael Hill

(Pictured: Michael Hill Stud Earrings in 10kt Rose Gold)

Two classic pieces that are special enough to mark this moment of my life, yet understated enough to be worn – and enjoyed – every single day.

Because, what’s the point in treating yourself if you don’t actually wear and enjoy that treat?!

So here’s to trusting the timing of life. Of appreciating the moment. And celebrating just how far we’ve come.

This life is far too fleeting and precious not to.

Sonia Styling for Michael Hill

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