Lady in red

It was my husband’s birthday last week.

And – being the awesome wife that I am – I organised to take him out for a romantic dinner last Friday evening. Just the two of us. A cocktail followed by dinner at a restaurant we’d both been wanting to try for ages.

An occasion such as this called for a new outfit.

For him AND for me.

After all, me looking good would be yet another birthday gift for him – right? Right!

Not only did I feel fabulous (probably the most fabulous I’ve felt in a really, really, really long time) but he also told me how fabulous I looked. Several times. And we had one of the best nights – full of laughs, sneaky kisses, hand holding, cuddles and great conversation.

EXACTLY what we both needed.

This lady in red is one happy lady with one happy husband. And that’s a really lovely thing to say after 12.5 years together.

Here’s to many more birthdays together (and many more excuses to buy new dresses)!

Sonia Styling

Sonia Styling

Sonia Styling

Finders ‘Curtis’ Dress from Denim+Cloth (size M) $169 | Therapy ‘Zeller’ Boot (size 6) $89 | Blush & Co Tassel Earrings (in Grey) $29

Photography by Aise Dillon


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