The business of social media

Well, this is equal parts exciting and terrifying…

You may have heard – my good friend Emma (AKA Emma Kate Co, she of the most beautiful Instagram feed and stationery brand) and I have come together to create an event just for you: business owners, bloggers and those who look after social media for businesses.

We’ve called it…

Brand Confetti!

{Because there was NO WAY we could give it a non-Em+Sonia type of name!}

Brand Confetti

So what’s it all about?

As business owners in both product based (Emma) and service based (me) capacities, as well as online influencers in our own right, with a combined following of over 100K, together we bring to this workshop an exceptionally unique, refreshingly honest, unabashedly authentic, and beautifully full circle perspective in the realm of everything business, brand, collaboration, social media and digital influence.

After a few years of living and breathing this world, we’ve simultaneously navigated big lessons, gleaned insights, collected an arsenal of useful hacks and lived a novel worth of candid stories, saving this all for the right time and concept to create something together.

It’s a choose your own adventure type of event where you can attend one day or both – depending on your interest, needs and what tickles your fancy.

Here’s what we’ll cover…

Brand Confetti

On Day 1, we’ll get down to business!

We’ll kick things off with a brand edit. We’ll take you through everything from crafting strong social media bios, to nailing your tone of voice and perfecting the art of brand storytelling. Plus: you’ll hear our best organisational tips and tricks, immediately actionable advice and get exclusive insights on our favourite apps, programs and tools.

After a little break, we’ll cover all things social media – specifically Facebook and Instagram. How to make the most of each platform, plan your social media strategy, ride the waves of change (read: the new rules of Instagram), how to harness the power of social media for your business/brand and be an awesome member of the social media community.

To wrap up the business side of things, we’ll focus on collaboration. That is, identifying opportunities, working with influencers and brands, best practices on delivering campaigns that benefit both sides, disclosure and reporting. Basically? How dream collaborations should work!

You’ll also be able to pick our brain throughout the day and ask us anything and everything.

We’ll finish Day 1 with a networking Happy Hour, so that you have a chance to connect and unwind with the wonderful people you’ve just spent the day with.

Brand Confetti

On Day 2, we’ll get creative!

We’ll begin with a hand lettering workshop, where you’ll learn how to develop your own signature brush style.

Next, we’ll cover the art of creating beautiful, engaging content – and all the tips, tricks and things to consider.

You’ll then learn how to capture striking photos to improve the aesthetic of your Instagram account…starting today.

Last but not least, we’ll cover editing. Our favourite apps and editing techniques to create images that are bang on brand and make your social media account(s) sing!

Brand Confetti

Where, when, how much

We’re hosting Brand Confetti in Adelaide AND Melbourne in August…

Saturday 19 August 2017 (Business + Social Media Workshop)
Sunday 20 August 2017 (Creative Workshop)

Saturday 26 August 2017 (Business + Social Media Workshop)
Sunday 27 August 2017 (Creative Workshop)

Day 1 (Business + Social Media Workshop) = $299
Day 2 (Creative Workshop) = $199
Days 1 + 2 (EVERYTHING!) = $399

Brand Confetti

I’m in! How do I book?

Great! We’d love to see you there.

You can book by clicking right here.

Simply select your date, then hit the green ‘Tickets’ button and choose your ticket (remember to scroll down if you want to book the option that gives you both days).

We are pouring our hearts, souls and every tip, trick and secret we’ve gathered over the years into this event and we would LOVE for you to come along.

Got any more questions? Hit me up in the comments!

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