5 Ways to Style a Statement Necklace

5 Ways to Style a Statement Necklace

What is it about jewellery?

We love it but we’re not always quite sure just what to do with it.

Particularly the statement necklace.

I’ve been asked many times how to style it, how to wear to it work, how to wear it. Full. Stop.

So today I’m sharing the top 5 ways I tend to style mine for work or weekend.

Ready? Set? Bling!

5 Ways to Style a Statement Necklace

Look #1: The Turtleneck

Choose a necklace that’s longer in length so that you can see the entire necklace. Multi-strand necklaces work really well with a turtleneck, as do long pendants.

My Pick: Blush & Co ‘Blush et Blanc’ Necklace $85

Look #2: The Shirt

My favourite styling trick when wearing a shirt is to button it up a little higher than I normally do and tuck the necklace under the collar. It’s an elegant look that’s perfect for the office. A shorter length of necklace works well with a shirt.

My Pick: Blush & Co ‘Marble on Blush’ Necklace $85

Look #3: The Scoop Neck Top

Being a little on the *ahem* busty side, I tend to wear a lot of scoop neck tops. To break up the skin on show, I love adding a statement necklace that sits right in the centre of my chest. This makes the look a little more demure.

My Pick: Blush & Co ‘At First Blush’ Necklace $79

Look #4: The Blouse

I like to add a pop of colour and point of interest to a blouse (particularly a white one) with a statement necklace. Layering different textures also makes for gorgeous look. Keeping it girly and pretty is where this ensemble is at.

My Pick: Blush & Co ‘Blush in Bloom’ Necklace $79

Look #5: The T-Shirt

I love a simple jeans and tee combo – it’s practically my weekend uniform. But to take it to the next level, and make it look even more stylish, all it needs is a statement necklace. Playing with similar tones in your t-shirt and necklace adds an effortlessly cool vibe.

My Pick: Blush & Co ‘The Blush Connection’ Necklace $79

So you’ve probably picked up by now that every necklace featured in this post is from Blush & Co. In the art of full disclosure, the brand belongs to my sister-in-law and the pieces in this post are a mixture of necklaces I’ve bought and have been given by Jacquie. But you know what? I’m a true fan. I literally wear her jewellery every single day. It’s simple, stylish and very wearable and affordable. I’ve become a rose gold addict thanks to Jacquie!

Are you a fan of the statement necklace?

How do you like to wear yours?


  1. Buffy says

    This is EXACTLY the inspiration I needed, thank you! I recently made a few purchases from Blush & Co and this helps immensely! xxx

  2. Christina says

    Hi Sonia! I picked up 3 Blush and Co necklaces at the finders keepers markets last week and boy, they’re fantastic. I never thought I’d fall in love with rose gold but you’re right….her pieces just go with ev-ery-thing!! I wore the Marble on Blush necklaces while walking around the markets had had 3 different people stop me to ask where my necklace was from 🙌 LOVE

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