A Year in My Life

Are you on Facebook?

If you are, you would have noticed a little highlight reel of this past year of your life.

I had a little peek at mine and as I scrolled down through each event, I felt like I was on a rollercoaster. There were some incredible highs, some very sad lows and one funny in-between event…


The Highs:

  • Finding out that Chris’ parents and uncle and aunt had booked our honeymoon for us – we were off to Paris, Italy and Dubai! I was happy to spend a week in Byron Bay (which is where we were initially going to go), but this was a pretty good alternative…!
  • My hen’s party. The day started with a very elegant high tea and ended with a not so elegant dance off! And plenty of cocktails.
  • Our wedding day. Hands down the best day of our lives.
  • Our honeymoon. It was the first time to Europe for the both of us and we had the most incredible time. I think about our trip so often and every memory brings a smile to my face.
  • Renovation progress. We’ve been renovating our home for over 2 years now. The progress we have made this year has been monumental – we went from having no kitchen, bathroom or laundry for 10 months to having an extension that includes a walk-in-wardrobe, ensuite, main bathroom, laundry and open plan kitchen, dining and lounge. We’ve also got a pool nearing completion. It’s been a long, hard slog but we’re finally starting to get somewhere.
  • Adding to our family. Our puppy, Amalfi has been a little furry ray of sunshine in our lives and we are so glad he’s become part of our family. To know him is to love him. Actually, you’ve seen enough photos to probably already love him!
  • Hitting my 7 year anniversary at work. They took a chance on a bumbling, nervous and overwhelmed 22 year old and still let me rock up each and every day!
  • Spending quality time with friends. In particular, 2 very dear friends who live in Queensland. They are like family to us and whenever we’re all together, we have such fun. Even if we’re doing nothing at all.
  • Having my grandma come to stay. I don’t have any contact with my family due to a long, drawn out, hurtful saga but my grandma has remained the most special person in my life. I was overjoyed for her to see our home and meet Amalfi (who she quickly claimed was her “little boy”). A wonderful weekend.

The lows:

  • Losing our cat to cancer. Jedi Bok Choi was 13 years old and famous in our group of friends. Some of his achievements included eating a sponge covered in tuna, opening the fridge and eating all of the leftover chicken tikka masala and hiding in the couch so as to swipe you when you sat down. No one ever saw the paw coming. Rest in peace, JBC.
  • Amalfi’s health scare. Not even 2 weeks after bringing him home, this tiny puppy dog managed to eat something he wasn’t supposed to and wound up at the Adelaide Animal Emergency Centre having his stomach pumped. Lucky for us he pulled through like the little fighter he is. Needless to say, if you come to our house, you better not drop food on the ground…otherwise the next vet bill is yours…!

The In-Between:

  • My hair! I cut off half my hair in the middle of the year and that managed to make my top 20 moments. Good one, Facebook!

Wow, when I look back at all of that it really was a massive year.

Mostly highs which makes me feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have the life and the love that I do.

Here’s to a bigger, brighter, better 2014!

What events made your top 20 moments on Facebook?


  1. Tam says

    You made me cry when I read the beautiful words about us. We love you x And then you made me laugh when I recalled Jedi & his hidden paws!
    Wowzas, it’s been such a massive, massive year for us both so cheers to 2013 & cheers to welcoming 2014 xx

    • Sonia says

      It really has been the biggest year for us both – highs and lows. Thank you for always being there for me and for being like a sister to me. xx

  2. says

    MASSIVE year for you Sonia! 🙂 And looks like the highs can somehow outweigh the lows, although your low was pretty sad. 🙁 But, onwards and upwards from now on for 2014 and…funny how haircuts can be included in our Top 20 highlights on FB!! Mine too!!

  3. says

    I love a Christmas reflection and enjoyed reading about your busy, exciting year.

    My FB highlights reel is full of the funny every day stuff – losing teeth, the kids watching TV, trips to IKEA through to the fun, milestones – birthdays and holidays. It pretty much sums up life with three kids!

    Wishing you a wonderful 2014. xxx

    PS I wish I had met your cat, sounds like a person in a cat disguise!

  4. says

    What a big year you’ve had hun! One of your highs is that you started blogging again. So great to have you back! We missed you. I had a short hair episode in August, the less said about that the better! x

    • Sonia says

      Coming back to blogging has been fantastic – I love it! Ahh yes. Let’s not talk about our short hair episodes…!

  5. says

    Well, you lost one furry pet but gained another. They reckon when one thing/person/animal leaves it’s to make space for the thing/person/animal coming.

    Did you lose your cat before you bought Amalfi? If so then then would you have bought him if you hadn’t lost the cat? One goes out, one comes in!

    As for the haircut, pft, it’s hair!

    • Sonia says

      Yes we did actually lose Jedi before Amalfi was born and it was my husband who suggested it was time to get a dog. He’s a wonderful little addition, definitely meant to be our dog!

  6. says

    Wow! What a year! It’s always amazing to take a moment to reflect on the year that was. I’ve loved watching your journey, thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. I am SO happy to see you back blogging. You are a gorgeous, sparkly ray of sunshine and I’m so happy to call you my friend. Big loves. X x x

  7. says

    Great to see a fellow South Australian blogging about fashion and all things girly! I look forward to your future posts Sonia! Let’s keep in touch!

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