10 More Bliss Ball Recipes

10 more bliss ball recipes

Bliss balls!

A delicious, healthy snack that can be prepared quickly and easily, and be kept in the fridge for up to a week.

What’s not to love?

Seems I’m not the only one who adores these bite sized morsels of deliciousness.

You guys went absolutely nuts for my Top 10 Bliss Ball Recipes post, so I’m back with another 10 that are sure to delight.

10 More Bliss Ball Recipes

1. Cookie Dough Bliss Balls
Peanut butter. Chocolate. And a pinch of salt. Are you salivating yet? I sure am!

2. Date, Apricot + Chia Bliss Balls
You only need 7 ingredients to whip up this yummy bliss ball recipe. Too easy.

3. Fruity Bliss Balls
A 3.30pm sweet fix that doesn’t require a trip to the vending machine. Yum!

4. Matcha, Almond + Hazelnut Bliss Balls
Matcha is the superfood of the moment. Don’t ask me what it is. I just know it’s green and good for you.

5. Ginger Snap Bliss Balls
I used to love dunking ginger snap biscuits in my tea as a kid. Now that I’m a grown up, I take my ginger fix in a bliss ball shape.

6. Macadamia + Coconut Bliss Balls
Fruit, nuts and a dash of cocoa. That’s what you call one delicious trifecta.

7. Strawberry Bliss Balls
Probably the cutest looking recipe out of the lot. Pretty in pink!

8. Superfood Bliss Balls
With “superfood” in the title, you just know you’re healthier for even considering make these.

9. Cacao Bliss Balls
You had me at cacao.

10. Peppermint Cream Bliss Balls
Fact: my husband used to be addicted to Mint Slice biscuits. I reckon I could get him hooked on these bliss balls without even trying. #enabler

Do you have a favourite bliss ball recipe?

Share it in the comments!

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