Decorating with indoor plants

Decorating with indoor plants

Confession: I have become totally obsessed with indoor plants. I don’t know when or how it happened, but my thumbs have suddenly changed from black to green and I’ve managed to accumulate a collection of potted plants dotted around my home… and I can’t seem to get enough!Who have I … [Read more...]

Keeping a pet friendly home clean

Sonia Styling + Godfreys collaboration

Sonia Styling + Godfreys CollaborationMeet: Amalfi.Shetland Sheepdog. Four years old. Love of our life.He’s the heartbeat of our home and our fur baby. A fur baby with lots of fur that ends up everywhere – our carpet, our couch, our clothes. You name it.Despite this, whenever … [Read more...]

At home with…

At home with Sonia Styling

There's nothing like a home photoshoot with a newspaper to inspire a makeover!Allow me to backtrack for a second.Last month, I was contacted by the Sunday Mail here in Adelaide, with the lovely offer of featuring our home in the Home & Life magazine. Of course, I said yes! I answered … [Read more...]

Tips for Editing Your Wardrobe

Tips for editing your wardrobe

The topic of editing your wardrobe is as old as fashion itself.Well, almost.But it does seem to be a topic that many of us still struggle with.Me? I liken a wardrobe edit to a workout: you know you should do it and you know you'll feel better after you do it, but you can still come up … [Read more...]

How to Store Clothes and Accessories

Storage Solutions for Clothes and Accessories

Keeping your wardrobe and accessories under control doesn't need to be all sterile and boring.With so many gorgeous storage solutions available, now more than ever, our bedrooms and walk-in-wardrobes can look super stylish and organised.My golden rule for any space is "a place for everything … [Read more...]

Our Living Room Makeover

Our living room makeover

I have a little winter project on the go.During these cooler months that make us want to hibernate, I want to make my cave comfortable and clutter free.A pre-spring-spring clean, if you will. I'm tackling room by room, cupboard by cupboard, drawer by drawer. I'm also updating our décor … [Read more...]

Our Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Makeover

It all started with bed linen.Actually, I should backtrack.I've been wanting to get our new bed for yearsss, but - as what tends to happen when you're renovating - it kept getting pushed further and further down the ever growing list of priorities.{You can see our old bed in this … [Read more...]

My Fave Room: Em from Bohemian Traders

My Fave Room: Em from Bohemian Traders

You just have to whisper the words "Bohemian Traders" and women everywhere get weak at the knees.Discovering a gap in the market for good quality, wash and wear modern bohemian clothing for women of all sizes, Emily Berlach {or Em, as she simply likes to be called} decided to start the Bohemian … [Read more...]

How Do You Plant The Perfect Veggie Patch?

How do you plant the perfect veggie patch?

Attention: Green Thumbs.I need your help!In the seemingly never-ending project that is our home renovation, we are finally turning our attention to a "dead" space located just outside our kitchen door.We've decided to turn this spot into a veggie patch.The husband has constructed 3 … [Read more...]

Summer Homewares Update on a Budget

Summer Homewares Update

If you've done a spring clean this summer (like me), chances are you'll be feeling like a homewares update is in order.According to interior design expert, Jason Grant, the biggest trend this season is "soft brights". Think dreamy, gelati inspired colour palettes with a gentle nod to retro … [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50

Christmas gift ideas under $50 |

Hands up who's finished their Christmas shopping?Well done, permission to click away and put your feet up.The rest of us? Read on.This year I thought I'd put together a Christmas gift guide that features gifts all under $50.Let's face it: Christmas generally means we have numerous … [Read more...]

My Fave Room: The Artful Lodger

My Fave Room: The Artful Lodger |

It's b-a-a-ack!OK, so it's been a while between drinks installments of My Fave Room, but for good reason.It got to a point where it was becoming a bit of a struggle to get people involved and I hate nagging {really!} so I kind of parked it for a while. Six months to be exact. Shit! How did … [Read more...]