My Go-To Makeup Look

I’ve been asked more than a few times now to share my makeup routine.

But let me warn you: I’m a simple, low-key creature when it comes to beauty.

{Read: lazy and not very skilled}

In fact, the makeup look I’m going to share with you is the one I will turn to when I’m headed out for drinks or dinner and takes me a total of 12 minutes to do.

Yep, just 12 minutes.

Set your stop watches, beauty queens!

Ready, set, go…

Minute 1: Apply primer.

Minute 2: Let primer sink in (check Instagram).

Minute 3: Apply liquid foundation with a brush.

Minute 4: Let foundation set in (check Facebook).

Minute 5: Apply a light dusting of powder.

Minute 6: Fill in eyebrows.

Minute 7: Apply blush.

Minute 8: Swipe eyelids with a neutral eyeshadow.

Minute 9: Apply a slick of eyeliner along the top lashline.

Minute 10: Apply first mascara to upper lashes (2 coats).

Minute 11: Apply second mascara to lower lashes (1 coat).

Minute 12: Slick on a pop of bright lipstick.


Sonia Styling: My 12 Minute Makeup Look

These are the products I (currently) use:

  • Primer: Benefit The POREfessional (exact match)
  • Foundation: L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Stay Fresh Foundation (exact match)
  • Powder: L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Powder Foundation (exact match)
  • Brows: L’Oreal Brow Artist Super Liner Pencil (exact match)
  • Blush: MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Springsheen (not shown but similar)
  • Eyeshadow: MAC Eyeshadow in Light Study (beige-y colour) and Honesty (subtle gold shimmer) (now shown but similar)
  • Eyeliner: Benefit They’re Real! Gel Liner (exact match)
  • Mascara #1 (for upper lashes): Benefit They’re Real! Mascara (exact match)
  • Mascara #2 (for lower lashes): L’Oreal False Lash Wings Mascara (exact match)
  • Lipstick (I use heaps of different lippies!): Innoxa Summer Matte Lipstick in Fuschia (exact match)

Here’s the finished product…

Sonia Styling: My 12 Minute Makeup Look

Worth noting…

  • It’s important to allow a minute between applying your primer/foundation/powder. This will give the product a chance to settle into your skin and allow the next product to go on smoothly.
  • I’m love dramatic lashes, so I use 2 different types of mascara: one for the upper lashes and another for the bottom. This is because I have long lashes on top and tiny lashes on the bottom – and I know it’s controversial in some beauty circles – but I do think a bit of mascara on your lower lashes frames your eyes beautifully. Just make sure you clean up afterwards with a cotton bud.
  • For the best beauty product recommendations, check out Styling You’s top beauty products of 2014.

For a faster weekday look…

  • Forget the liquid foundation and just use a powder foundation instead (but DO NOT skip the primer).
  • Omit the neutral eyeshadow and eyeliner.
  • This should save you an extra 4 minutes, bringing the grand total down to 8 minutes for a lovely and easy everyday makeup look.

How long does your makeup routine take?

What’s your signature look?

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  1. Leah says

    just to be a pain 🙂 any chance you can list out the brands and names of the products? I’m liking the look of that neutral eyeshadow, blush and foundation xxxx

    • Sonia says

      The neutral eyeshadow and blush are from an Adelaide beauty salon (that unfortunately doesn’t sell online). Alternatives that I love and use are MAC blush in Springsheen (my all time fave) and MAC eyeshadows in Light Study (a beige-y colour) and Honesty (a subtle gold shimmer). The foundation is L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour – a good one to last all day and into the night. x

  2. steph says

    I used to throw on concealer, eyeshadow and mascara on a weekdays taking a total of about 3 minutes. Lately i have been adding BB cream mixed with illuminator, bronzer and eyesbrows taking it up to about to 10 mintues. For a night out i will add winged eyeliner or a dark smokey eyeshadow and eyeliner pencil which adds about 5 mins. Quick and simple is best!

  3. Karla says

    I *WISH* I could look this gorgeous with so few products!!!! I certainly have a routine but it involves about 10 more steps and twice as many products to get this ol face out the door!
    I was 40 minutes late to work last week because of my eyebrows for crying out loud!!!!
    I very much doubt I could EVER walk out the door without concealer. It would have to be my number one beauty product if I was stuck on a desert island!
    Although after a few days in the island sun I’m sure a lovely tan would all but cure my need for concealer. On a daily basis however, I’m really not prepared to prematurely age my skin by frying it! So concealer for me it is.
    You’re so lucky you can look so beautiful so quickly x x

  4. mim says

    Love your look Sonia!

    How do you like the Benefit eyeliner? Is it easy to use? I’ve been eyeing (ha) it off for a while, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the splurge since my budget is a bit tight.

    • Sonia says

      I really like it! I find it very easy to use (as I’m no good at winged eyeliner – well I’m good on one side, but not the other).

  5. says

    I love that L’Oreal Infallible powder – I use that to touch up my makeup for any shiny bits! Yeah my makeup is fuss free too. Cannot be bothered most of the time. I only ever do a major eye makeup when I feel like it – which isn’t very often.

  6. says

    You are just beautiful Sonia. I love that looking good can take a few products. I love my BB Cream and Chanel healthy glow sheer powder – goes on beautifully and stays put. I have not used a primer for awhile. I must add on to my list. V x

  7. merilyn says

    you look gorgeous anyway Sonia!
    thankyou hun for the good tips! I probably take 5 mins!
    love primer definitely have to let it soak in a bit before I apply the rest!
    i’ alternate between L’Oreal true match roller and Revlon new complexion
    they are moist cream compact style of make up. … I love it as most blemishes disappear … and I don’t like a liquid!
    hope your Friday has been ok knock off soon! enjoy a nice happy hour drink! love m:)X

  8. says

    My day to day make up routine is down to 5 minutes. I’ll do it in steps.

    1. BB Cream – Stila HD 10 in 1
    2. Eyeshadow – I use one of the light peach ones in Naked palette 3
    3. Eyeliner – L’Oreal So Couture liner pen
    4. Line eyebrows while eyeliner sets – Anastasia Brow Wiz
    5. Curl lashes
    6. Apply 2 coats of mascara to the top lashes – Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes
    7. Apply 2 coats of mascara to lower lashes – same


    For a special occasion I’ll put on foundation, where I use base magic from L’oreal and the same foundation and powder you do. And sometimes I also put one of the darker colours from Naked Palette 3 to define my eyes in the crease/on the lash line.

    • Sonia says

      I love that our daily makeup routines are so similar! Though I’ve yet to find a BB cream that doesn’t have me turning into an oil slick by lunchtime. The search continues!

  9. says

    I love a quick beauty routine… If wish mine turned out this nice though… For some one who does art I’m useless painting my face it would seem.
    I’m glad to see you use two different mascara a though, mines dead so need to buy a newy so may check theses ones out. x

    • Sonia says

      I’m no good at complicated eye makeup, so this is it for me! Yes can highly recommend both of those mascaras and also I’ve thrown L’Oreal Volume Million mascara into the mix as well!


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