How to Cure Novinophobia

In the interests of health and wellbeing, there’s a condition I’d like to alert you to…


…the fear of running out of wine.

OK, so it may not be an actual medically recognised phobia, but it’s real and I’ve experienced it.

Picture it if you will: it’s Friday evening. It’s been a heck of a long week, you’re exhausted and can’t wait to get home and unwind. You walk through the front door, change into something a little more comfortable {read: soft pants and ugg boots}, get dinner underway and wander off to find a bottle of something nice to drink.

You check the wine rack… empty. The fridge… not a drop. The freezer… nothing but 17 half-empty packets of peas. In sheer desperation, you check the wine rack again… still empty. Dammit!

Panic sets in as Novinophobia starts to take over. Dinner is almost ready, So You Think You Can Dance is about to start and there’s no way you can leave the house now.

That sweet, sweet moment of that first sip of wine slips away from you like Jack slips into the freezing cold ocean when bloody Rose lets go of him in Titanic.

Not a Happy Hour for anyone.

There’s only one known cure for Novinophobia: never run out of wine.

But how?

I have three fail-safe ways to keep Novinophobia at bay…

How to cure Novinophobia | SONIASTYLING.COM

1. Buy wine when visiting wineries

This point sounds a bit ‘duh!’ but if you’re at a winery and enjoy the wine, buy some to add to your collection.

Prices are usually a bit cheaper at cellar door and you can get your hands on some varieties that are not normally available at bottle shops.

You can even save an extra 10% or 20% when you buy 6 or more bottles. This is a great option if you’re with friends, as you can split the case between you.

Otherwise if you don’t want to fill up the boot of your car with bottles, sign up to their wine club and place an order then and there. You’ll then have a lovely little delivery to look forward to and will be reminded of your fun day out.

2. When inviting friends over, tell them to bring wine

You know that TV ad where a lady bumps into her friends at the supermarket, invites them over to her place for a BBQ and tells them not to bring a thing?

Did you clock her facial expression when they rocked up and handed her a box of mixed chocolates that rhyme with Bradbury?

Next time you see it, take note: she doesn’t say thank you and she certainly doesn’t look impressed.

We all know they should have brought wine.

If you’re having a shindig at your place and you genuinely don’t want your guests to bring anything, let them feel good about themselves and ask them to bring along a bottle of wine (or two).

Chances are, by the end of the night there will be some unopened bottles left over and most people are usually too polite to take their wine back home with them, which is a win for you and your wine rack.

Remember: you can’t spell ‘wine’ without ‘win’. Or something.

3. Order your wine online

Buying individual bottles at your local bottle shop can become an expensive exercise.

If you know the type of wine you like, the wineries they come from and maybe even the region – or even if you haven’t got a clue – this is when buying wine online can save you time and money.

Sign up to sites that specialise in wine.

They have great information about the wines they stock on their website, including tasting notes in plain English {no wanky wine speak} and genuine recommendations you can trust. They also tend to run fantastic specials and deals on a regular basis, including free shipping.

You can place your order anywhere, anytime when you know you’re running low and you’ll never have to experience Novinophobia ever again.

A perfect way to join in with #soniastylinghappyhour don’t you think?!


How do you prevent Novinophobia?

Do you order wine online?

What’s your favourite Australian winery?



  1. Karla says

    Bahaha! Sitting at work reading this and thoroughly laughed out loud, even though this is a totally serious subject matter!
    The way you write often has me in stitches! And YEEEEEES to the chick on the chocolate ad!

  2. says

    I love stocking up on wine straight from the cellar door. It’s so much fun picking out wine after you’ve done a few tastings and even better reminiscing on all the memories from the day when you get back home. The Margaret River wine region in WA is so beautiful and picturesque – definitely a must do for any wine lovers.

  3. says

    LOL! The look of mild disgust on the party host’s face is a topic of much amusement in my house. AS IF they didn’t bring their own booze. Scabs.

    My husbans gets wine from his work from time to time so I get to enjoy that for nix, and occasionally will purchase from a cellar door if I like what’s on offer!

  4. Shernae says

    Novinophobia will definitely be entering my vocabulary! Living in London, the wines on offer at supermarkets or off-licenses is pretty paltry. To combat this, whenever I go to visit the in-laws in France I bring an empty cold bag and fill it up – such a shame though that there’s a 6 bottle limit when bringing wine back to the UK…

    I’m actually finding more small liquor stores here that have a really good range and often they’ll also stock bulk amounts of wine by smaller producers in refillable bottles. Kind of like buying bulk port in a drum but slightly classier. I haven’t tried ordering wine online yet, but I’m willing to give it a go!

    After living in Adelaide I really miss going to cellar doors. There are so few wineries here in the UK that it’s a miracle when you stumble across one, but I feel they can be overpriced.

    • Sonia says

      Incentive to visit the in-laws on a more regular basis…?! We really do have it good here in Australia with our cellar door scene. I don’t take it for granted, that’s for sure.

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