How to Store Clothes and Accessories

Storage Solutions for Clothes and Accessories

Keeping your wardrobe and accessories under control doesn’t need to be all sterile and boring.

With so many gorgeous storage solutions available, now more than ever, our bedrooms and walk-in-wardrobes can look super stylish and organised.

My golden rule for any space is “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Every item needs a home, otherwise it becomes clutter. Belts, earrings, scarves, rings, shoes and hats all need their own spot and need to be treated respectfully.

How to store clothes…

To keep your clothes under control and to create a calm, inviting wardrobe, I recommend putting away the out of season clothes. Use clear storage boxes and store away safely. Believe me you don’t want to be looking at big bulky puffer jackets on a 42 degree day! Nor do you want to be looking at that gorgeous silk kaftan in the middle of winter… unless you are escaping to Bali!

Invest in good quality coat hangers – all the same style – to create instant calm and order to your wardrobe.

I’m a big fan of the reverse hanger trick. Turn all your hangers the opposite way and each time you wear the item hanging on it, it can be turned back the normal way. After 3-6 months, you will soon see what you are wearing and not. Did you know that we currently wear 20% of our wardrobe items 80% of the time? Amazing!

How to store accessories…

I am a big fan of decorative hooks to showcase your accessories, scarves, necklaces, fedoras etc. so many to choose from in a range of styles from the minimalist look to the bohemian.

Clear pocket hangers are also a wonderful way to store your tiny accessories. Hanging on your wardrobe door keeps everything visible, organised and tidy.

Baskets will always be my forever best friend when keeping any zone organised. I use them to store my shoes in three baskets: everyday, sporty and evening. I always have a basket at the bottom of my wardrobe for that item I’m just not sure about. You know the one? For some reason it just doesn’t feel or look quite right. Instead of taking up room in my closet, I pop it in the basket and if, after 3-6 months, I haven’t used it, out it goes. Donate it to charity and someone else will put it to good use!

Now that we’ve got the very best organising tricks at our fingertips, it’s time to go shopping…

Storage Solutions for Clothes and Accessories

1. Howards Storage World Scarf Holder $9.95 | 2. Target ‘Hyacinth’ Large Basket $20 | 3. Howards Storage World Flocked Hangers (5-Pack) $17.95 | 4. Adairs Cross Wall Hook $14.95 | 5. Adairs Triangle Wall Hook $14.95 | 6. Howards Storage World 22-Pocket Jewellery Organiser $23.95 | 7. Bunnings 52L Storage Tub $11.49 | 8. Howards Storage World Jewellery Stand & Organiser $59.95 | 9. Howards Storage World Belt Hanger $18.95 | 10. Kmart Felt Storage Box with Lid $6 | 11. Kmart Felt Storage Tubs (Set of 2) $8.50 | 12. Kmart Hat & Coat Stand $17

Most of all?

Make your bedroom (and wardrobe) a happy, welcoming and calm place to be.

It’s where we start and end our day.

How do you store your clothes and accessories?

 Sarah Shanahan


  1. Emma says

    Thanks, Sonia! This post couldn’t have come at a better time, as we are in the process of painting and decorating our master bedroom, including the walk in wardrobe. I can see trips to both Howard’s and Bunnings in our future. 🙂


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