Keeping a pet friendly home clean

Sonia Styling + Godfreys Collaboration

Amalfi the Sheltie

Meet: Amalfi.

Shetland Sheepdog. Four years old. Love of our life.

He’s the heartbeat of our home and our fur baby. A fur baby with lots of fur that ends up everywhere – our carpet, our couch, our clothes. You name it.

Despite this, whenever people come over, they often remark at how neat our home is – even with a dog living there.

The truth is: I always do a mad dash clean if I know visitors are coming over {sprung!} but there are a few other tricks I employ to keep our home tidy and to limit the number of fluffy tumbleweeds rolling down the hallway. Here’s how…

Sonia Styling + Godfreys collaboration

Sonia Styling + Godfreys collaboration

Keeping a pet friendly home clean:

  • Keep toys in a basket. Sounds simple enough, but it makes a massive difference if they’re all contained in one spot and not strewn throughout the house. We have a black wire basket in our lounge room that has all of Amalfi’s toys in it. He knows to walk over to it and can even grab his toys out himself if he wants to play with them.
  • Feed them with a Kong. Amalfi has a few biccies at breakfast, which we use as a training tool (we’re currently revisiting sit, stay and drop) – however his favourite thing to eat is chicken, which we serve in a Kong. It’s a rubber, seashell shaped device that you can stuff food into. Not only does it slow down their eating, it’s also an easy way to feed them without much of a mess.
  • Brush them regularly. It’s no secret that just about every dog sheds, so staying on top of their grooming is key. We brush Amalfi once a week or once a fortnight. It keeps him happy and comfortable, and reduces the amount of fluff left on the couch, carpet… and everywhere, really.
  • Have a bed that can be moved. Amalfi has a bed that not only matches the décor of our home (it’s grey) but it can be easily moved from spot to spot. If he’s outside during the day, the bed goes outside. If we’re all chilling in the lounge room, the bed comes inside so Amalfi can chill with us. Mobile = neat.
  • Invest in an awesome vacuum cleaner. But let’s be clear – awesome doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. It just needs to be one that is suitable for pet hair. And it just so happens I road tested the answer to every pet owner’s prayers. Read on…

Sonia Styling + Godfreys collaboration

Sonia Styling + Godfreys collaboration

Do you remember when you were younger and you thought receiving an appliance as a gift was less than exciting (to put it nicely)?

Confession: that used to be me.

Then, I turned 30 and as each year has passed, I’ve not only gained an appreciation for a good appliance, I’ve also been known to request one as a gift.

Oh, how times have changed!

Most recently, I’ve been on the hunt for a new vacuum cleaner.

Ours is quite a few years old now and is a well-known, rather expensive brand. It’s good, but it’s not great. Case in point: our bedroom carpet. It’s thick, plush and charcoal grey… and shows up every last strand of Amalfi’s fluff.

Enter: the Hoover Allergy Power Head Bagless Vacuum from Godfreys.

Sonia Styling + Godfreys collaboration

In a word? LIFE CHANGING. {OK, that’s two words.}

Seriously, I know that’s such a weird thing to say about a vacuum cleaner but we seriously love it.

Not only is it lightweight, affordable and comes with a two-year warranty, it also has a cleaning attachment for every situation. In fact, you get seven. Yep, seven!

You get a mattress tool for removing dead skin cells and dust mites from your mattress, a hand turbo tool for removing pet hair and dirt from your furniture and upholstery, a flexible brush which is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach spots up high, and four other handy tools that allow you to clean anything, anywhere, anytime.

This is an excellent bagless vacuum cleaner for those that suffer from allergies or those who have pets in their home.


It’s approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program thanks to its superior filtration.

Told you – it’s brilliant.

And it’s keeping our home beautifully clean at all times, guests or no guests!

Shop it here: Hoover Allergy Power Head Bagless Vacuum from Godfreys ($699)

Sonia Styling + Godfreys collaboration


  1. emma says

    These are great tips. I think that I need to invest in a new vacuum. We end up calling in the carpet cleaners fairly regularly to get our carpets clean, but I wonder if I could reduce that by buying my own fancy vacuum. I’ll have to check this one out!
    Also, you have the cutest dog in the world!

    • Sonia says

      I definitely think a great vacuum cleaner like this one would help! And thank you – we think Amalfi is pretty darn cute!

  2. Mish says

    We bought this vacuum cleaner last year and I agree that it IS amazing!
    Like Christina from Hair Romance, I have lots of hair then you add in the hair from Bentley, our Cavalier King Charles and the vacuum cleaner is on double duty!!!

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