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Sonia Styling

Safe to say, 2017 has been a huge year.

Not just for me, but for many people I know.

Has it been huge for you also?

This year has seen me not only discover my purpose but make decisions on purpose and live with purpose.

I guess you could say ‘purpose’ unexpectedly became the theme of 2017 for me.

Which is why I’m super excited to buddy up with my faves from Feather and Noise to host a very special giveaway for you and your bestie.

You see, when I was in Melbourne recently, the F+N girls and I got together for a fun photoshoot with – you guessed it – purpose.

Sonia Styling

Feather and Noise have just added some very special items to the Gift section of their website and one in particular resonated with them and with me: the On Purpose Project Planner.

Created specifically for turning your ideas into achievable goals and plans, the On Purpose Project Planner will help you get to know your strengths, build your projects from the ground up and inject some purpose into your wildest dreams.

Sonia Styling

I asked F+N’s Director, Ali why she thought the planner was such a perfect fit. Here’s what she had to say…

“If you’ve been following the Feather and Noise journey then you’ll know that we are forever rolling out something new and exciting. Like every Friday night, am I right?! BUT! Believe us, these types of successful campaigns don’t just happen overnight. They take weeks, even months of planning. See that little word ‘planning’ that we adore so much!

“And with every little (or some large) plan or project or campaign or photoshoot or event (the list goes on)! It was just so important to us that 2017 was the year for PLANNING! So it was only fitting that we just had to add these brilliantly designed ‘On Purpose Project Planners’ to our Christmas gift guide!”

“Curious to know what F+N’s purpose is for 2018? Well, then you’d have to break into our HQ’s and steal our very own project planner because believe us it’s already getting a real good work out!”

Sonia Styling

Win 2 x On Purpose Project Planners – 1 for you + 1 for your bestie

Thanks to Feather and Noise, I have 2 x grey On Purpose Project Planners to give away.

To enter, simply tell me who you’d love to win a planner for.

Is it your friend who is always jotting down their goals and purposes for life? Or maybe a business buddy who you just know is going to smash all their goals for 2018? Or is it your bestie who made some incredible plans during 2017 and totally achieved them?

You can enter by leaving a comment on this blog post OR on my Instagram post OR on my Facebook page.

Good luck! x

The giveaway closes on Sunday 17 December 2017 and the winner will be contacted on Monday 18 December 2017.

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  1. Alicia says

    Would love to win one for myself & buddy Rach for 2018 to get our minds on what we want to achieve & put ourselves first.

  2. Danielle Thomas says

    I’d love to win for my daughter who is starting her teaching career in 2018…she’ll definitely need to be organised !

  3. Karen says

    Hi Sonia – id give away both of these planners to my two BFFs, who both have had their own challenges in 2017 which have set back their on purpose goals. I adore my girlfriends, one the Mum of a toddler with cancer, the other a cancer survivor mumma. Both give all their energy – quite literally, to their families. But I want 2018 to be a little different for both of them, I want them to have the health and good fortune PLUS the empowerment that comes when you set up your plans and slay.. this is a great giveaway- thank you 😊 xx

  4. Adenoble says

    my mum so she can get her life back on track again
    it will help her deal with her pain
    goal setting is the best therapy
    Mum back on track to full recovery

  5. Bec says

    I’d love to win these for my gorgeous sister and I! We live in different states and I think using the same planner would be a fun way to plan our next adventures and collaborations together!

  6. Jelenie says

    I would love this for a dear friend that just got engaged this year to the love of her life after going through a nasty divorce with her not-so-nice ex-husband. Setting achievable goals for next year and also planning her wedding in this beautiful planner will give her a 2018 boost that she deserves!

  7. Evelyn Jackson says

    I would love to win this for me and my mum! we both love planning and have lots to plan for in this coming year. Winning this will allow us to have our seperate ideas and plan them in an organised way!!

  8. Michelle says

    Hi Sonia. Thank you for running this competition! I’d love to win one for a former work colleague and now one of my closest friends, Nicola. She’s planning a wedding AND launching a new business. I’ve also recently resigned from a job which didn’t fit with my family’s needs and am now trying to find purpose and follow my dreams, which I feel necessitates a career change. Eeek! Lots of goals to set and achieve and purpose to discover. xx

  9. Cara Brett says

    I’d love to win one for my sister whom is also my bestie (lucky me). She’s a young mum of two and is going back to work next year. It’s time for her to start planning some things for herself as well as the cute little boys of hers.

  10. Catherine says

    Would love to win a planner for myself to get more organised in 2018 & for my amazing friend who is a mummy to three under three, studies & runs her own business! Xxx

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