Our Living Room Makeover

I have a little winter project on the go.

During these cooler months that make us want to hibernate, I want to make my cave comfortable and clutter free.

A pre-spring-spring clean, if you will. I’m tackling room by room, cupboard by cupboard, drawer by drawer. I’m also updating our décor because, well it’s been a few years since we finished our extension and it was about time, I figured.

So far I’ve tackled my home office and our bedroom.

Next up: our living room.

Our living area is part of a large, open plan room at the back of our house. We spend so much time here – chilling out just the two of us (plus Amalfi!) as well as entertaining family and friends. The central part of this room without a doubt is our couch. It’s a big, comfy nook that encourages comfort and conversation. It was also due for a much needed makeover.

{You can see what it used to look like here}

Taking my colour palette cue from my home office and also our bedroom, I’ve opted for a soft and stylish combination – this time in shades of grey, blush pink and accents of rose gold and winter white.

Take a look…

Our Living Room Makeover

Our living room makeover

Our living room makeover

Home Republic ‘Ashton’ Throw Rug $83.95 | Home Republic ‘Metallicus’ Cushion $27.95 | Home Republic Chunky Knit Cushion $48.95 | Home Republic Vintage Washed Linen Cushion $48.95

Our living room makeover

Our living room makeover

Mercer + Reid Sheepskin Cushion $62.95 | Home Republic Vintage Washed Linen Cushion $29.95

Our living room makeover

Mercer + Reid ‘Kendall’ Glass Vase $11.85 | Home Republic ‘Harlow’ Vase $13.95

Our living room makeover

Our living room makeover

Home Republic ‘Concrete Geo’ Cushion $34.95 | Home Republic Vintage Washed Linen Cushion $49.95 | Home Republic ‘Alpine’ Faux Fur Throw Rug $111.95

Our living room makeover

Home Republic ‘Zala’ Rose Gold Cushion $27.95 | Home Republic Chunky Knit Cushion $48.95 | Home Republic ‘Alpine’ Faux Fur Cushion $41.95

Our living room makeover

Home Republic ‘Pedro’ Throw Rug $83.95 | Home Republic ‘Gigi’ Metallic Ottoman $69.95

My top cushion tips

  • Start with a base of a few neutrals (eg: white and grey) and then choose one accent colour to tie it all together. This base creates a sophisticated and versatile colour palette that can easily be updated with a pop of colour.
  • Having a mix of different shapes and sizes of cushions creates interest. You can play with levels when grouping the cushions, so that each one is clearly on display. It also means you can change the cushion combinations to create different looks.
  • Speaking of change, don’t be afraid to mix and match cushions from different rooms in your house. For example, the cushions on our bed would also work well on our couch, so I could easily swap a few to keep both rooms looking fresh.
  • When it came to selecting colours, I chose an equal balance of grey and pink cushions with a few accent cushions in rose gold. I also selected one cushion to sit in the middle of the couch and act as the anchor to tie all of the colours together. This cushion is white, grey and pink.
  • Have fun with textures! I opted for faux fur, chunky knits, washed linen and metallic finishes to help create a luxe look.
  • There’s no such thing as too many cushions. You can quote me on that! In all seriousness, consider the size of your couch. You want a decent amount of cushions, but you also need to balance that out with empty space. You want your guests (and you!) to feel like they can plonk themselves on the couch and grab a cushion or 2 to help them get comfortable.

Bonus tip: throw rugs

  • Because our couch is quite large, I opted for 3 throw rugs: one strewn at the end of the chaise, one in the corner of the couch and one folded up and placed on an ottoman.
  • Having a few throw rugs on and around your couch in this way adds texture, layers and interest.
  • It also encourages your guests to grab a rug if they’re feeling a little chilly.

We’re coming into peak Couch Season, so you may as well make it a cosy place to be!

Have you caught the pre-spring-spring-clean bug?

How many cushions is too many?

This post features some items that were provided to me for my editorial consideration in accordance with my Disclosure policy. This post also contains affiliate links, which means if you click to buy the item, I earn a little commission but you don’t pay any extra.


  1. Belinda says

    Love your living room makeover & your styling tips! Just wondering where your grey floor rug is from??

  2. Melinda says

    I love the colour palette you’ve got going on! It’s neutral-ish, without being boring.
    As for the cushions… I don’t think there is such thing as too many (except I think there should always be less on a bed. Because who has time for that?)

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