Supporting womankind, supporting MumKIND

So I’ve been working on a little something quietly in the background for quite some time now…

You see, I’ve been searching for a local charitable organisation to align with and really hoped to find one with a strong focus on women.

And then – like magic – it happened!

Sonia Styling is an Ambassador for MumKIND

I connected with MumKIND recently, hearing first-hand the powerful story of why this beautiful charity started, together with powerful philosophies and values around togetherness and connectedness and of course the importance of kindness, and it spoke straight to my heart.

MumKIND aims to do small things with great love to demonstrate care and compassion to women and mothers with young families across South Australia, who desperately need support.

The charity was established by Kate Earl in July 2014, with a first-hand understanding of the enormity of motherhood, and the significance of a strong support network, as well as a safe environment for a family to call home.

It began with a single email request to friends asking to gather items from their own homes that could be re-gifted to someone less fortunate. The impact these items were to have on the recipients was one thing but the impact this had on Kate and her friends was equally as enormous.

MumKIND started out as a small gesture of goodwill. The idea was simple and the outcome was so immediate and impactful.

Since then, with the support of hundreds of individuals and groups and businesses from across South Australia, MumKIND has delivered thousands of items to hundreds of families. Further to this, they collaborate with other groups and charities to deliver special projects that bring joy and comfort, particularly on special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter. And sometimes, just because kindness is never wasted.

Their philosophy is: “be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.”

{Don’t you just LOVE that?}

With my blog, I see it as a privilege to connect with other women, to share my personal stories as well as style tips. What’s most important is that we’ve built a community and we support one another and that’s what MumKIND is all about – women supporting women – being there for one another, helping us all to be the best versions of ourselves, no matter our background, status or circumstances. We can band together and better each other’s lives.

I’m beyond thrilled to be a MumKIND Ambassador.

I couldn’t think of a more perfect fit for me and my community and I can’t wait to share ways in which we can all get involved and support this beautiful cause! x

Click here to learn more about MumKIND.

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