My Fave Room: The Artful Lodger

It’s b-a-a-ack!

OK, so it’s been a while between drinks installments of My Fave Room, but for good reason.

It got to a point where it was becoming a bit of a struggle to get people involved and I hate nagging {really!} so I kind of parked it for a while. Six months to be exact. Shit! How did that happen?

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But hey – better late than never, right – so here we go…

My Fave Room: The Artful Lodger |

Sally Paterson is a freelance writer, blogger and design disciple.

Her blog, The Artful Lodger, ventures to hotels, eateries and bars where great design is the draw card.

And just quietly, how awesome is that blog name?!

I’m sure it’s a clever reference to the character in Oliver Twist, but I can’t help but be transported back to my youth and the days when I used to listen to UK Garage music and had a crush on Craig David.


Today, Sally is sharing her adorable daughter’s beautiful bedroom with us.

Let’s begin the tour, shall we?

My Fave Room: The Artful Lodger |

Which room of your house is your favourite?

We’re renovating at the moment, so any room with four walls and finished paintwork is a hot contender! But one of the rooms that is finished is my seven year old daughter, Abbie’s room, and I absolutely love it.

My Fave Room: The Artful Lodger |

What makes it so special?

It’s just so Abbie.

She has the sweetest temperament and her room seems to reflect her gentle personality. She takes pride in it and fusses over all the little girly touches. I adore watching her update the vignettes of her bits and pieces, applying her own styling, like that wacky smurf sitting proudly next to her hand-painted babushka dolls.

She’s a girl after my own heart.

My Fave Room: The Artful Lodger |

What’s your favourite item in the room and why?

Can I have a few items? The cane chair has to be number one. It was my older sister’s and then mine, and Mum kept it and spray-painted it white for Abbie.

I’m also besotted with the bedside light and bedside table and the vintage mirror and the V-groove panelling… I could go on!

My Fave Room: The Artful Lodger |

What are your go-to stores for decorating?

We are so incredibly lucky in Australia to have a huge range of independent retailers with jaw-droppingly awesome and unique stuff.

I could honestly list a thousand, but at the moment, in Sydney, I’m obsessed with Design Twins, Urban Couture, The Design Hunter, Africanologie and as ever, Mark Tuckey.

In Melbourne, where we lived recently for a couple of years, I adore Fenton & Fenton, The Family Love Tree, House of Orange and the treasure trove of Camberwell Markets.

My Fave Room: The Artful Lodger |

What items are on your wish list for this room?

It needs a new window treatment as the blinds are on their last legs. And Abbie’s going to start asking for a desk soon, so I’m already plotting that installation on the constantly evolving mood board in my mind.

My Fave Room: The Artful Lodger |

What 3 items or elements do you think the perfect room needs?

    1. I like balance so I would start with a well-planned colour palette. It might sound a bit banal but I find a resolved colour scheme makes for a really calming room.
    2. A focal point – a hero piece or two. The ‘wow’ factor. The attention-grabber. The show-off. Call it what you will.
    3. “Quiet” space – somewhere for the eyes to rest. I absolutely cannot stand clutter. It is my arch-enemy and one day I will defeat it once and for all. Until then, it’s like an unwanted house guest who won’t take a hint.

My Fave Room: The Artful Lodger |

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How gorgeous is Abbie’s room?

What do you love about it?

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  1. Tracey says

    Thank you! I absolutely adore the dressing table set up, so am going to pinch that idea for Miss 3’s bedroom, which we are currently in the process of renovating. Gold dots are gorgeous too.


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