My husband’s 40th birthday party

Wow, so it’s been a little while since I last wrote a blog post, but… LIFE!

Life has been happening. So has work. Y’know, the usual.

In amongst all of this, my husband turned 40. Wowee! The big 4-0. And, true to form, he managed to celebrate in two epic ways – with a 3-week trip to Europe with his best mate and with a party at home with our nearest and dearest.

We organised a dress-up party to add a little fun and humour to the night and decided upon a “C” theme to match my husband’s name.

My goodness! The best part of the night had to be waiting for each person to arrive and seeing what they had dress up as. So funny and so much creativity. We had everyone and everything “C” you could think of!

Corey Worthington (the birthday boy himself), a cheerleader (me), Catwoman, Carrie Bradshaw, Christian Grey, criminals and convicts, cabaret singers, Crows and Chicago Bulls fans… and even a carrot!

It was a huge night. Massive. So much laughter, so much dancing, and so many cocktails. And, as my party boy said in his speech, so many memories had been made with all the wonderful people in the room – and we made sure to create more that night that we’ll all remember for the next 40 years.

The one thing I underestimated? Just how much work goes into planning a party at home. You literally need an army to help you.

So I just wanted to single out a few key people who made the night so awesome:

  • Our friends, Lauren and Kirsty for helping me organise all of the things and setting up the party
  • Tania from Amazing Grazers who made the most beautiful (and delicious!) grazing boards for us to enjoy
  • Kerry, Daisey and Casey from Lovemittie who looked after us by serving drinks

Those of you who have organised an event at home will understand what I mean by how much time and effort you put into it, but you’ll also know how incredibly worthwhile it all is when you see the smiles of your friends and loved ones.

Another thing I know for sure?

This cheerleader is hanging up her party pom-poms… until the next milestone!

Hair: FÖN Salon
Makeup: Megan Pilkington

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