Our Bedroom Makeover

It all started with bed linen.

Actually, I should backtrack.

I’ve been wanting to get our new bed for yearsss, but – as what tends to happen when you’re renovating – it kept getting pushed further and further down the ever growing list of priorities.

{You can see our old bed in this post.}

And then the kind folk at Adairs sent me the most glorious bed linen from the new Rebecca Judd Loves range and, it was love, quite frankly.

It was also all the motivation I needed to check our budget and get clicking on buying a new bed… and bedside table … and lamp … and throw rug … and cushions … and vase … and candle. Oops!

I knew I’d always wanted a grey fabric bedhead, however as we have charcoal grey carpet and pale grey walls, it had to be just the right shade – somewhere in the middle. I ended up finding the perfect purchase at Fantastic Furniture (at the perfect price too, I might add) and also bought the white bedside table from them.

I then hit up the Kmart website to score my cute lamp which was the right mix of modern Scandi style with a classic white lampshade and a cream throw rug for the end of the bed.

On Target’s website I found this gorgeous rose gold candle with cloche, which is a little bit genius when you think about it, as it means the scent of the candle will never overpower the room and is also a bit of a safety precaution.

Finally, it was back to the Adairs website to grab a stone coloured vase for my much loved fresh flowers and two cushions to complete the look.

And here you have it…

Our Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom MakeoverBedroom MakeoverBedroom MakeoverBedroom MakeoverBedroom Makeover

Shop the look…
Bed: Modena Queen Bed from Fantastic Furniture $349
Bedside Table: Hayman 2-Drawer Bedside Table from Fantastic Furniture $115
Lamp: Wooden Table Lamp from Kmart $20
Throw Rug: Calais Throw (in Crème) from Kmart $20
Candle: LTD Dome Metallic Rose Gold Candle from Target $20
Vase: Home Republic ‘Harlow’ Vase from Adairs $13.95 on sale
Cushion (Back): Home Republic ‘Arlo’ Cushion from Adairs $34.95 on sale
Cushion (Front): Home Republic ‘Metallicus’ Cushion (in Rose Gold) from Adairs $27.95 on sale
Bed Linen: Rebecca Judd Loves ‘Zephyr’ Set from Adairs

Have you given a room in your house a makeover recently?

Are you as cushion obsessed as I am?

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  1. Tiffany says

    Looks very beautiful. Calming, peaceful.
    Im certain your sleep will be all quality in this stunning room now! I too would love to redo our bedroom. But hubby wants a King Bed so that just adds extra expense all round. I’ll patiently wait!

    • Sonia says

      Thanks so much, Tiffany! We thought about getting a King sized bed, but it would be way too big for our bedroom. What I DO want however is a new mattress. But they ain’t cheap, so I’m going to have to save my pennies!

  2. Mel Champion says

    I’ve been wanting to do this for years! Make our bedroom into a sanctuary, the 3 kids have the whole house. I’d love to have pretty bed linen, cushions, rug, lamps and stunning curtains. My husband thinks the room is “fine”, but I don’t want a “fine” bedroom! I want a bedroom I walk into that makes me smile and very cocooned in! Somewhere the kids know they’re not allowed, unless they’re dying or bleeding (but not in my new gorgeous room). One of these days I’ll get my dream/wish and it won’t keep getting pushed back down the ever growing to do list!

    • Sonia says

      Keep fighting for that dream, Mel. I think every woman needs a sanctuary at home – and the bedroom is the ideal place. I’ve got your back!

  3. Amy says

    So beautiful Sonia! I love that bedhead and your styling. Since our renovation I am still waiting on a new bed too. Will be waiting a little longer I expect! Xx

  4. Shernae says

    You can never have enough cushions! I really love the pastels that perfectly offset the grey. This has me itching to do my own bedroom makeover…

  5. says

    Gorgeous. Love those colours. Bec has such a good eye! I wanted to get this linen, but hubster doesn’t like quilted bedspreads for some reason. Must persist. Or just buy it anyway.
    I love your bedside table setup, too. So cute!

  6. Tegan says

    This is such a timely post because I’m doing a bedroom make over with the same bed! We got a fabric brad head because it seemed more grown up:)I’m just doing bits at a time as we are saving for a renovation and just got bedside tables after searching for 4 months! Bed linen is next on the list so must check out Adairs now! Yours looks lovely.


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