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By now, many of you would know that I've started my own business.It's called Scribe+Social and I offer social media management and coaching, plus copywriting (think: blog posts, articles, newsletters, website text) services to small businesses.Day to day, I wear two hats: one as a blogger … [Read more...]

3 white tops for spring

When it comes to a new season, it's always incredibly tempting to purchase wardrobe-loads of showpony pieces.You know the ones?Bang on-trend. Shiny. New. And very out there.I definitely like to add a few of those pieces to my collection, but what I do always like to ensure I add to my … [Read more...]

The spring floral maxi dress

It seems to be maxi dress week here on Sonia Styling!But can you blame me?I feel like I've been wearing layers of jeans, tops, coats, socks, scarves, beanies and boots for months.So it's high time for some beautiful, light fashion!The other day I shared a lovely white maxi dress, and … [Read more...]

My Katies Spring 17 picks

Sonia Styling for Katies

The other week I was lucky enough to help host a VIP Style Night at Katies West Lakes, here in South Australia.The event coincided with the launch of the new Spring 17 catalogue, and we spent the evening shopping up a storm, sipping on bubbles and enjoying nibbles, laughter and … [Read more...]

The spring white maxi dress

All hail maxi dress season!I don't know what the weather's been like where you are, but here in Adelaide we had the most gorgeous glimpse of spring over the weekend. Sunshine. Warmth. And just the gentlest of breezes.We're still not out of the wintery woods just yet, as the weather seems to … [Read more...]


Sonia Styling

Today is my 33rd birthday.Whenever a birthday rolls around, I tend to take a moment to reflect on the year that's just gone.And this past year? It's been a doozie!When I think back to this time last year, I was working in my day job, blogging and my business didn't exist - in fact, … [Read more...]

Keeping a pet friendly home clean

Sonia Styling + Godfreys collaboration

Sonia Styling + Godfreys CollaborationMeet: Amalfi.Shetland Sheepdog. Four years old. Love of our life.He’s the heartbeat of our home and our fur baby. A fur baby with lots of fur that ends up everywhere – our carpet, our couch, our clothes. You name it.Despite this, whenever … [Read more...]

At home with…

At home with Sonia Styling

There's nothing like a home photoshoot with a newspaper to inspire a makeover!Allow me to backtrack for a second.Last month, I was contacted by the Sunday Mail here in Adelaide, with the lovely offer of featuring our home in the Home & Life magazine. Of course, I said yes! I answered … [Read more...]

Wear now, wear later

Sonia Styling

How's the weather where you are?For me, in Adelaide, it's been f-f-freezing with plenty of rain. But next week? It's set to warm up.{That is, if the weather forecast is to be believed... hmmm.}But I do live in hope!And so the items I've been adding to my wardrobe are ones that I can … [Read more...]

Spring dresses to buy now

Sonia Styling

Bring on spring!I know, I know. Just the other day I was telling you that I wasn't wishing winter away just yet, but this past week I've been so sick and the weather has been so dreary.I'm craving sunshine! And warmth! And pretty dresses!There's less than a month left of … [Read more...]

The business of social media

Brand Confetti

Well, this is equal parts exciting and terrifying...You may have heard - my good friend Emma (AKA Emma Kate Co, she of the most beautiful Instagram feed and stationery brand) and I have come together to create an event just for you: business owners, bloggers and those who look after social media … [Read more...]

Let’s get comfortable

Sonia Styling

Hooray for winter and its comfortable layers!While I'm quietly counting down the days until spring (more warmth and sunshine, please) I'm also being careful not to wish the winter days away. Because, let's face it, I love winter fashion.Layers create different looks and layers also create … [Read more...]

Easy being green

Sonia Styling

I'm not entirely sure how it happened.It seems to have crept up on me slowly.But now, it's love.What the heck am I talking about? The colour green.I've never been a huge fan of it, but then I've never really disliked it either. I've always kind of been a bit 'meh' take-it-or-leave-it … [Read more...]

Winter off duty look

Sonia Styling

My fashion philosophy has always been quite simple.Whatever I'm wearing, it has to be flattering and - most importantly - it has to be comfortable.Which probably goes a long way in explaining why I feel most comfortable off duty. In activewear. In jeans. In casual attire.So this … [Read more...]