5 ways to own 2018

Sonia Styling

Well hello there!I'm sure you've probably read the title of this blog post and thought to yourself, "um, does Sonia realise we're nearly at the end of January?" and you're right - I do realise that - but you know what? I didn't hit the ground running when the calendar flipped over to 1 January … [Read more...]

What to wear on New Year’s Eve

What to wear on New Year's Eve

Sonia Styling + Adelaide Casino Collaboration Christmas might be around the corner but, at the rate this year is going, we’ll blink and it will be New Year’s Eve!Have you made any plans yet?Have you worked out what you’re going to wear?Personally, I love New Year’s Eve because you can … [Read more...]

Summer style ideas for work

Summer workplace style inspiration

Ideas really do spring from the most unexpected moments, don’t they?You might remember I recently gave a presentation on personal style in the workplace at a breakfast event hosted by Blackman Mansfield Recruitment. That presentation was inspired by a conversation over coffee with owners, Jo and … [Read more...]

Live 2018 on purpose

Sonia Styling

Safe to say, 2017 has been a huge year.Not just for me, but for many people I know.Has it been huge for you also?This year has seen me not only discover my purpose but make decisions on purpose and live with purpose.I guess you could say 'purpose' unexpectedly became the theme of … [Read more...]

6 months later

So here we are.I promised that I would share a more personal update on what it's been like working for myself for the past 6 months, and - finally! - here it is.I actually have no idea how to start this post or where it'll end up, so let's just dive in and see where it goes... It all … [Read more...]

Looks I’m loving right now

Sonia Styling

When I shared a week of my outfits here on the blog recently, it received such a lovely response.I guess we are incredibly similar, after all - you guys love seeing what other people wear on a daily basis just as much as I do!So here I am again, sharing some new looks I'm loving right … [Read more...]

Spring Racing edit (part 1)

Feather + Noise 2017 Spring Racing Edit

Party season is officially upon us!Whether you're headed to the races or have social engagements filling up your calendar, no doubt you'll be in need of a new frock. Or two. Or three.But - as I've said many times - there's no reason a new outfit has to break the bank. You can look fabulous … [Read more...]

A week of spring outfits

If you're anything like me, you love to know what people wear on a daily basis.I love nothing more than scrolling through Instagram or people watching a cafe."What top did she pair with those jeans?" "What shoes did she wear with that outfit?" "How has she styled it to make it look just a … [Read more...]

Join my squad!

By now, many of you would know that I've started my own business.It's called Scribe+Social and I offer social media management and coaching, plus copywriting (think: blog posts, articles, newsletters, website text) services to small businesses.Day to day, I wear two hats: one as a blogger … [Read more...]

3 white tops for spring

When it comes to a new season, it's always incredibly tempting to purchase wardrobe-loads of showpony pieces.You know the ones?Bang on-trend. Shiny. New. And very out there.I definitely like to add a few of those pieces to my collection, but what I do always like to ensure I add to my … [Read more...]

The spring floral maxi dress

It seems to be maxi dress week here on Sonia Styling!But can you blame me?I feel like I've been wearing layers of jeans, tops, coats, socks, scarves, beanies and boots for months.So it's high time for some beautiful, light fashion!The other day I shared a lovely white maxi dress, and … [Read more...]

My Katies Spring 17 picks

Sonia Styling for Katies

The other week I was lucky enough to help host a VIP Style Night at Katies West Lakes, here in South Australia.The event coincided with the launch of the new Spring 17 catalogue, and we spent the evening shopping up a storm, sipping on bubbles and enjoying nibbles, laughter and … [Read more...]

The spring white maxi dress

All hail maxi dress season!I don't know what the weather's been like where you are, but here in Adelaide we had the most gorgeous glimpse of spring over the weekend. Sunshine. Warmth. And just the gentlest of breezes.We're still not out of the wintery woods just yet, as the weather seems to … [Read more...]


Sonia Styling

Today is my 33rd birthday.Whenever a birthday rolls around, I tend to take a moment to reflect on the year that's just gone.And this past year? It's been a doozie!When I think back to this time last year, I was working in my day job, blogging and my business didn't exist - in fact, … [Read more...]