Refining my personal style

Something shifts in your 30s.

{And I’m not just talking about weight or body shape!}

I really feel like the further you get into the decade, the more comfortable you become with who you are. You begin to truly accept what you look like. And you develop confidence in your personal style.

This is the style journey I’m currently on.

I no longer have time for clothing or brands that don’t suit me, that don’t flatter my shape or fit with my personal style.

Sonia Styling: shirt by Primp Style Co

Katie Shirt from Primp Style Co (size 8) $65

I was propelled onto this path during a conversation with a fabulous girlfriend of mine.

She’s a total Francophile and in fact, her yardstick for measuring whether an item of clothing is right for her is by asking herself if a Parisian woman would wear it walking down the street.

And she got me thinking – what’s my (true) personal style?

Three words immediately sprang to mind: classic, simple, femme.

Sonia Styling: jumpsuit by Madex & Co

Ebby Jumpsuit from Madex & Co (size 10) $89

I look and feel my best when I’m wearing something simple and classic with a feminine twist.

Cami, jeans and a blazer. A dress or jumpsuit that skims my curves beautifully. Plain colours (white, grey, khaki green, blush pink). Great tailoring. Natural fabrics. Leopard print.

I’m a casual girl at heart who doesn’t like a lot of fuss, but who does like a little bit of something extra.

I want to be wearing the clothes, and not the other way around.

And so the next challenge begins: discovering brands and stores that fit with this way of dressing.

I have a few faves that remain on my shopping list – Decjuba, Primp Style Co, Madex & Co, Witchery, Country Road… but I want to keep adding to this mix.

So I would love it if you could please share your favourites with me and I promise to continue to share my style journey with you!

And one last thing – how would you describe your personal style?


  1. Lauren says

    My style has evolved with age, lifestyle and with my new path to body loving. I love casual, chic and classic styling and am finding myself drawn to that style more and more. I love Decjuba , Bohemian Traders and cotton on lately..

  2. Mish says

    I am a vintage gal at heart with a love of the 1940’s and 1950’s but I am also a realist and a practicalist [yes I made that word up], so my fashion style varies greatly due to the many personalities/roles I play in my life.
    During the week at work, it’s corporate separates with a brooch/scarf or a beautiful jersey dress with a great print to show off my passion for life. On the weekends it can be kevlar pants and a graphic print t-shirt for a motorbike ride or a full circle skirt and plain top for a spot of thrift shopping and a catch up with friends, right through to total vintage glam if I am going out. If my Saturday morning just involves chores and a quick trip to the grocery store, then it’s casual pants and a t-shirt or I will put a tube skirt on over my yoga gear to save me getting changed and to save on how many clothes I need to launder ha!

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