The Drive to Make a Difference

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The drive to make a difference #ipledgetocheck

Did you know that breast cancer is the number one cancer diagnosed for women in Australia?

In fact, 1 in 8 Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85.

It’s a startling statistic and one that isn’t lost on me as a woman who has a family history of cancer.

So, this might be a little too much information, but just go with me here … to the shower.

Each month, I take a couple of minutes to feel myself up {yep, my boobs} and check for any changes.

As a 32 year old woman – and one who has dealt with many and varied health issues over the years – I’ve learnt the importance of being in tune with my body (ie: knowing what’s normal for me) and also to listen to my body when it’s trying to tell me that something’s not right.

This month, I’m taking a little extra time to touch myself.

You see, October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Australia.

It’s a time come together to support those faced with breast cancer, and to raise vital funds for the organisations striving to provide assistance and find a cure.

One such organisation is the McGrath Foundation.

They do incredible work, placing Breast Care Nurses in communities across the country, as well as increasing breast awareness in young women.

McGrath Breast Care Nurses are health professionals specially trained to help women and families through breast cancer by providing invaluable physical, psychological and emotional support from the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment.

Over 47,000 Australian families have been supported by 110 McGrath Breast Care Nurses nationally. This service is provided free of charge and can be accessed by self-referral.

To find your nearest McGrath Breast Care Nurse, click here.

The drive to make a difference #ipledgetocheck

BP is driving the cause to make a difference

For the month of October, BP unveiled an initiative called Australia’s Most Powerful Fuel in support of the McGrath Foundation.

Their goal? To fund a new McGrath Breast Care Nurse every year.

BP has supported the McGrath Foundation since 2013 and has raised over $1 million during this time, with funds directed to McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

How we can get involved

BP is offering us all the opportunity to make a difference every single time we visit.

Throughout October, we can donate to the McGrath Foundation at the register or by the purchase of a pink product. It’s that simple.

And let’s face it – it’s an essential (and slightly mundane) task we all have to do anyway, so how great it is to achieve something more than just the ability to drive to the shops or work!

To find your nearest participating BP outlet, click here.

Do you regularly check your breasts?

Will you be filling up at BP – and making a donation – this October?

Anyone for a road trip…?!

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    The McGrath Breast Care Nurse in my area was an incredible tower of strength and supportive knowledge to me during my diagnosis,, my treatment and still now three years on from treatment. Such a vital cause to support. Xx

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