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I want to keep today’s post short and sweet because, to be honest, I’m tired.

And I have a bit of a heavy heart.

The world events of the past week coupled with the passing of a former colleague have dulled this girl’s sparkle ever so slightly.

When did the world get so dark?

Why is there so much sadness and fighting and anguish in so many parts of the world?

How did I get so lucky to live where I do and have the life that I have?

And it’s in this last question that I feel like I’ve discovered my answer: I am lucky. Fortunate. Privileged. Blessed. So I shouldn’t let the darkness shadow my sparkle. I should continue to smile, to laugh, to share kindness and support others, wherever and however I can.

I may only be one person, but if each person did what they could with what they have, then the light would shine brighter than the darkness ever could.

And so what if this all sounds a bit woo-woo and pie in the sky?

I’d rather be called a hopeless optimist than a pessimist any day of the week.

Wishing you and yours a beautiful weekend.

If you could do me one big favour – do something nice for the world this weekend.

Call a friend. Make someone a meal. Donate to charity. Buy someone a coffee. Volunteer. Give someone a hug. Tell someone you love them.

The world could use a dose of sparkle. x


  1. Sam says

    Yes, let us all be extra grateful this for the safety and comfort of living in Australia. Have a good day and happy weekend!

  2. merilyn says

    a lovely post Sonia!
    I send light and love into the world everyday!
    it’s all I can do! …
    enjoy your day! … love m:)X

  3. says

    Oh man I’ve had to switch off from the TV this week and do lots of ‘scrolling past’ on the Internet, so much sadness, anger, hate and soapbox drama. Bad things happen to good people all over the world, it’s how we process and deal with it that counts so we are able to keep moving forward and keep living a fulfilling and joyful life. I’m sorry about the passing of your friend, keep sparkling x

  4. says

    Oh Sonia, this hit home with me more than id like to admit. When the tough days or weeks hit I try to remember the good in life and humanity and that there are people like you sharing the good stuff around. Thank you for sharing this powerful message. XX

  5. says

    Spot on, Sonia! I have been wearing my emotional raincoat all week. So much sad. My heart hurts just thinking about it. I’m thankful every day but this week I’m going to be thankful plus, love a little harder, smile a little bigger and hug a little harder. Life is short – let’s make jam pack it with the good stuff.

  6. says

    A very sad week but take note that there has been survival out of it. Make sure you get lot’s of hugs this week xx

  7. says

    This is exactly the sentiment behind my wallpaper this month – have courage and be kind. Imagine if e could all do this just a little, it would make such a big difference. I hope your sparkle comes back soon. x

    • Sonia says

      So true! I can feel it already starting to return to full brightness, thank you. Have a wonderful weekend, Malinda!

  8. says

    Lovely post Sonia. It’s been a dark week all round. Hopefully the weekend will bring back some of your sparkle.
    I love the idea of everyone doing what they can, Small things like that add up and multiply, and turn into big things!

  9. Michele says

    Hi Sonia,

    Yes, it has been a sad week …. however, I know I am lucky to have what I have. So, if you ever come my way (Canberra), let me know and I will lend you my huggy bear (a.k.a. husband) for an extra big hug! (Gosh, I hope that does not sound too sleazy (-:) …certainly not meant that way – LOL)


  10. Mish Young says

    It’s 10pm Sunday night and I am just reading this blog post after a full on and demanding week …
    On Thursday I helped a beautiful vintage girlfriend say goodbye to her Mum, it was one of the happiest funerals that I have ever been to … but made a group of us start to think about what we would want if something was to suddenly happen.
    Today my partner and I took lunch out to a friend, who not only needed the distraction but our support and love … she needed to know that she is a valuable person and that she matters, when we left she was smiling and a text message later confirmed that she was feeling better.
    Like you I try to look at my world with an optimistic view but sometimes events and circumstances mean that the sparkle goes out of our day and the dark clouds try and settle above us … and it’s OK to have a day like that, so long as when the sun rises the next morning, you jump out of bed and try again.
    Here’s hoping that your Monday starts off with sunshine and puppy dog cuddles and a good coffee!

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