The Proposal

Seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share with you the story of our proposal.

Rewind to Sunday 11 September 2011. The day before my birthday. Chris had planned a day in McLaren Vale, a wine region about an hour south of Adelaide.

Our first stop was a private tasting of museum wines at Oliver’s Taranga. After we’d finished our tasting, we went out onto the deck where a little table was set for 2 with a special bottle of wine for us. I was told to read the label on the bottle and promptly got the shock of my life…



Chris and Sonia12

Chris and Sonia2

But this wasn’t the end…

Chris said we had a lunch booking to make, so off we went to Tapestry Wines. I walked into the winery to the sound of applause, cheering and a chorus of “IT’S ABOUT TIME!” from some of our closest friends, who were there ready to celebrate this special day with us.


It was hands down the most romantic and surprise-filled day I’d ever experienced.

Rachel from Redcliffe Style is also sharing her engagement story today. Be sure to have a read!

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers!

What’s your proposal story?


  1. says

    How beautiful. You are one very lucky lady. How amazingly beautiful and thoughtful. You look amazingly happy and may that continue throughout your life together. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both. Vicki xx

  2. says

    I LOVE this story (there may have been tears involved while reading it just now). I’ve heard it a few times now and I could happily listen to it a dozen times more. You two are so beautiful together xx

    • Sonia says

      So much thought and effort, Vanessa. I’m really grateful we have so many lovely photos. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Mish says

    WOW what a man you have there Sonia!

    Our ‘proposal’ is much more ‘interesting’ … we had been living together for a year or so & I wanted to know if Michael would stick around. A friend was working as a florist delivery person at the time [one of their many jobs] & I asked if they would deliver flowers for me? They said yes & so I bought the two biggest bunches I could find, combined them together & put a card in the bunch that said: Marry Me???

    At the time hubby was managing a strip club in Surfers Paradise [he’s managed most of them in his time but that’s another story!] & he was at work, so the delivery was to the club. He called me straight away & said ‘Thank you for the flowers & yes’. My reply was ‘Who is this strange woman who is sending you flowers?’ Talk about mean!

    I kept him hanging for the next three hours, before I confessed it was me & he finally said yes. Of course it was 29 February – how else could I have gotten away with it!

    • Sonia says

      WOW – how’s your story?! That’s incredibly ballsy of you, Mish! I’m glad to hear your gamble paid off.

      • mish says

        Thanks Sonia – I almost half expected him to say no & then I would have an excuse to leave. Weird hey but he said yes & here we are 19 years later & still together & still happy & in love 🙂 x


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