The Spain Diaries: Barcelona

The Spain Diaries: Barcelona | #travel |

Hola from Spain!

We arrived in Barcelona on Saturday afternoon and were met by our friend Carlos at the airport. After such a long flight (well, two) it was such a happy sight to see a familiar face on the other side of the world.

We then headed to our apartment located just off Rambla Catalunya. A beautiful old heritage building with two massive wooden doors at the front, we climbed the marble staircase to the first floor, opened the door and gasped. A meticulously renovated 2 bedroom apartment would be our home in Barcelona for the next few days.

Kicking off my very first #soniastylinghappyhour in Spain, we opened a bottle of Cava and caught up on lost time.

The Spain Diaries: Barcelona | #travel |

It was then time to go exploring. We wandered through the city, admiring the architecture and marvelling at how dog friendly the city was. Literally, there are dogs everywhere! Walking with their owners, browsing in shops, hanging out at restaurants. Love!

We found our way to a cool little tapas place called Elsa y Fred and had our very first taste of Spanish food. One word: amazing! Highly recommend the tuna tartare if you make it here – it will blow your mind.

The Spain Diaries: Barcelona | #travel |

By this stage, night had fallen and we then walked on to the Plaza Santa Maria, where we sat outside a little bar and enjoyed (yet another) Cava in front of a magnificent cathedral.

Our elusive friend jet lag had finally caught up with us and it was time to call it a night.

Day 2 in Barcelona was off to a slow start, as we people watched from our sunroom.

In Spain, breakfast is not really a “thing” – if you eat early (ie before 11am), it’s usually a coffee and a pastry on the run. Brunch or lunch is the main meal of the day and dinner is generally a lighter tapas style affair.

The Spain Diaries: Barcelona | #travel |

By mid-morning it was time to eat and we caught the metro to hit up an incredible brunch spot called Picnic. Yet again, Barcelona delivered on food. All three meals were absolutely delicious, but the husband’s was crowned the winner – pulled pork tacos of awesomeness.

We are total coffee connoisseurs and we are so pleased to report that the coffee in Spain is fantastic – you just need to know what to order. Generally speaking, there are 4 types of coffee you can confidently order:

  1. Cortado {one shot of espresso with a small amount of milk} – our favourite
  2. Americano {long black}
  3. Café con leche {coffee with milk}
  4. Café solo {short black}

The Spain Diaries: Barcelona | #travel |

After brunch, it was time for another wander and we headed to the beach. Wandering along the foreshore of Barceloneta, people were out and about enjoying the sunshine – playing beach volleyball, skateboarding, scootering and even a couple of nudey rudies sunning their skin.

We hit up the W Hotel for a cocktail and boy were they good!

The Spain Diaries: Barcelona | #travel |

A fun little rickshaw ride took us back to The Gothic Quarter for a leisurely stroll and back to our apartment for a siesta before dinner.

Amazingly, Carlos had managed to get us into the restaurant currently ranked number 1 in Barcelona on Trip Advisor – Uma. A tiny, unassuming little place that only hosts a maximum of 14 people, everyone must arrive at the same time for dinner to begin.

Run by the loveliest couple you could ever meet – he’s the chef, she’s front of house – the meal began with a chat in the kitchen and a “coffee” (a red bean soup with mashed potato froth) before we took our seats and enjoyed an incredible feast.

The Spain Diaries: Barcelona | #travel |

Our last full day in Barcelona began with a morning walk down Rambla Catalunya and a light breakfast at the café made famous by the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Taller de Tapas). We then caught the train to Cava Country, where we took a tour of the Freixenet Cava caves.

Home to the biggest Cava cellar in the world (holding 140 million bottles), we were struck by the meticulous nature of making the sparkling wine – incredibly similar to the way Champagne is made in France. The tour finished with a glass of their sparkling Pinot Noir Cava and then it was time for lunch.

Wandering through the quiet little town, we came across our restaurant and were immediately blown away. Lunch was a 3 course affair and once again, the food was brilliant. A few bottles of Cava later, it was time to catch the train back to the city.

The Spain Diaries: Barcelona | #travel |

Exhausted but happy, we enjoyed our final night in Barcelona with a light dinner and a glass of red wine before crashing into bed, ready for an early start.

Next stop: San Sebastian…


  1. ALi says

    Loved reading about your travels. I’m off to Europe at the end of the year and Spain is where I am most looking forward to visiting. Thanks for the tips on the coffee, the most important translation in my opinion! Enjoy the rest of your trip. X

  2. merilyn says

    sounds and looks gorgeous! I can smell it! … thanks for sharing hun!
    you know i’m a teeny bit excited when I read travel posts!
    especially if I’ve been there!
    it’s the deja vu experience!
    tapas! a little different there! … yum!
    loving it! … enjoy every moment!
    love m:)X

  3. Kylie says

    It sounds divine, Sonia, and it takes me right back. We were in Barcelona this time last year doing much the same thing; eating and drinking our way around catching the sights between meals 😉
    Looking forward to hearing more! xo

  4. Buffy says

    Oh Spain! SO. MUCH. FUN. Sounds like you have having an amazing time beauty. Thank you for sharing – cant wait for the next instalment! xx

  5. shernae says

    Sounds like you had a really wonderful time in Barcelona! I know already that you’re going to love San Sebastian – it’s kind of like a mini Barca in a lot of ways and the pintxos bars there are amazing. I loved just walking from bar to bar in the old town while we were there!

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