Tips for Editing Your Wardrobe

The topic of editing your wardrobe is as old as fashion itself.

Well, almost.

But it does seem to be a topic that many of us still struggle with.

Me? I liken a wardrobe edit to a workout: you know you should do it and you know you’ll feel better after you do it, but you can still come up with a million different reasons not to do it! And just like exercise, the hardest part is always getting started.

So let’s start at the beginning, shall we…

Tips for organising your wardrobe

Tips for Organising Your Wardrobe

The first step to editing your wardrobe is actually to organise it.

Group like garments together: hang all your tops together, dresses together, jackets together, and so on and so forth.

Also, make sure everything has plenty of room to breathe. An overcrowded wardrobe is hardly inspiring and makes finding an item that much more difficult.

{I have a walk-in-wardrobe that I share 50/50 with my husband. I keep my activewear, tank tops, jeans and pants folded on open shelves and I hang my skirts, sweaters and tops. I keep my dresses, blazers, cardigans and coats in the spare bedroom. This way, the items I mostly wear are at my fingertips when I’m getting ready and I can grab the finishing touch on my way out the front door. An alternative would be to utilise blanket boxes, vacuum seal storage bags or clear plastic tubs for your “off season” items.}

Once you’ve done this, it will make the editing process so much easier.

Not only will you be able to see everything you own, you’ll also be able to work your way through each type of garment and make quick decisions on every item’s future.

Now that your wardrobe is organised, it’s time to start editing…

Tips for editing your wardrobe

Tips for Editing Your Wardrobe

When it comes to editing your wardrobe, you can choose to try one or all of these tips.

Don’t feel like you have to do everything all at once, though.

Choose one tip, give it a go and once you’ve edited your wardrobe a little, move on to another tip.

The reverse hanger trick
As we discovered in this post, the reverse hanger trick is a favourite of many professional organisers. What you do is turn all your hangers the opposite way to how you usually hang your clothes. Each time you wear an item, turn the hanger back the usual way. After just a few short months, you will soon see what you are wearing on a regular basis – and all the items you are not wearing at all.

Separate the uncertain items
If there are items you’re just not sure about – things you’ve never worn or haven’t worn in a year, for example – separate them from the rest of the pack. Group them together and either hang them on the same type of hanger or hang a physical barrier between them and the rest of your wardrobe. Give yourself a time limit of at least 3 months and see if you wear any of those items. If you do, they can be placed back into the general population. If not, make the final decision to ditch or donate.

Bring in reinforcements
Sometimes, it’s easier not to go it alone. Invite a friend around who you trust and you know will be honest with you to oversee your wardrobe edit. You don’t have to go through your entire wardrobe with them – instead, try on the items you’re unsure whether to keep or ditch and let them help you make the final decision. There’s nothing like an impartial third party to help you make logical decisions… and give you a bit of tough love when needed!

Take note
As you are organising and editing your wardrobe, take note of what you’re getting rid of and identify the gaps in your wardrobe. What are you missing? Jeans that fit like a dream? A collection of good quality basics? A tailored blazer? If you need a little help knowing what items every woman should own to make putting stylish outfits together quick and easy, check out these posts:
How to build a casual capsule wardrobe
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The 30-something wardrobe edit

Get real
I’m going to put my Fashion Personal Trainer hat on for a second here… it’s time to get real. Unless an item has extreme sentimental value, it’s time to let go. {For example: I have kept my wedding dress, the dress I wore to our engagement party and the t-shirt I was wearing the first time we met.} There really is no point keeping jeans that are 2 sizes too small, a top that’s pretty but damn uncomfortable, or a dress you spent too much money on, but never wear. Those items are taking up valuable real estate in your wardrobe. AND LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Wear what you love, what fits well and what you feel confident in. Everything else can go.

Tips for maintaining your wardrobe

Tips for Maintaining Your Wardrobe

Now that your wardrobe is in ahhmazing condition, we want it to stay that way – right?


Here’s how to maintain a beautiful, organised wardrobe…

Buy less, but buy better
You want to spend the most you can afford on the pieces you wear all the time. That way you’re getting the best possible quality and your items will last longer, therefore dramatically reducing your cost per wear.

You don’t have to buy it right now
We all know fashion moves at a lightning pace, but we don’t have to hand over our credit card every time something shiny and new crosses our path. We’d all be flat broke if we did! If something is tugging at your heartstrings, give it at least 5 days before you make the purchase. Also, think of at least 3 different ways you can wear the said item. If you still love it and can see it mixing and matching into your current wardrobe, then it’s meant to be and you should totally get it.

Never buy anything you like
Only hand over your hard earned cash for something you truly you love. If it doesn’t look amazing and doesn’t make you feel amazing, don’t buy it. Chances are, if there’s hesitation or something’s not quite about it, you’ll never wear it. Don’t settle for anything less than true love!

Shop at home
If you see someone rocking an outfit you like, the first place to shop it should always be your wardrobe. Check out what you own first, as it may just be a case of putting different pieces together to create a whole new look.

Out of sight, out of mind
I need to see everything I own in order to wear everything I own. If I can’t see it, I won’t wear it. So I take just a couple of extra seconds to make sure I put everything back where it lives and keep my wardrobe in an orderly manner. It not only means maximising your wardrobe, it also makes getting ready quicker and easier.

What are your top tips for organising, editing and maintaining your wardrobe?


  1. says

    Yassss! I turned my hangers around at the start of the year and I can’t believe such a simple thing can be so useful. I have now undertaken my mid-year review, actioned the appropriate items and re-turned everything in preparation for the next six months. I’m still looking for a similarly effective trick for folded items though. I’m much happier with the current state of my wardrobe; I’ll never be a minimalist capsule wardrobe type of person but I can make sure I love everything I do have.

  2. sam says

    This is me… whenever I feel overwhelmed I clean out my wardrobe…decluttering the mind and my wardrobe is such a cleansing feeling.

    I do three piles:
    1. Keep
    2. Donate
    3. Sell

    And I follow the rule that if you buy something you need to get rid of something.

    Great post Sonia!

  3. says

    Normally you probably get only female responses, I guess. But since I am coming from a local wardrobe closets market, here in Slovenia, I read really a lot of blog posts about wardrobe ideas. And found your trully helpful. Just wanted to conrgatulate for your post. Regards,

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