What Sonia Wore: The Daydream Edition

Today’s What Sonia Wore post is brought to you from The Daydream Edition category.

A few weekends ago, we had our friend and Adelaide-based couture designer, Jaimie Sortino over for Happy Hour.

He came bearing gifts – a bunch of beautiful antique cream roses, homegrown lemons and fresh herbs… and one of the gowns from his latest collection, Woodland Lights.

Jaimie’s 10-piece collection takes its inspiration from the stunning landscape of the Adelaide Hills, where he grew up (and still lives). It features a colour palette of navy blue, dusty rose pink and sprinklings of ivory and silver. The entire collection was designed and handcrafted in Australia using exquisite fabrics from Italy and France, together with hand cut embellishments, lace details and custom treatments (Jaimie will dye his own fabric if he can’t find the perfect shade).

And it just so happened that I’d made a throwaway comment at the end of his fashion show that a particular gown had my name all over it and it would be a dream come true for me to try it on one day.

So he brought it along with him.

For me to try on.

My squeals of delight were quickly cut short by my protestations that the gown simply wouldn’t find, but Jaimie wasn’t having a bar of it.

Of course it will fit you, he said.

And it did.

Cinderella would go to the ball after all! Here’s the proof…

What Sonia Wore: Jaimie Sortino gown from the Woodland Lights collection | soniastyling.com

Jaimie Sortino and Sonia Styling | soniastyling.com

While this was all going on, our dog Amalfi and Jaimie’s dog Junior were having a wonderful time chasing one another up and down the hallway and searching out any wayward pieces of chicken they could devour. Not even the slightest bit concerned about fashion, but totally cute nonetheless.

Amalfi and Junior | soniastyling.com

Quite the Happy Hour indeed!

Have you ever had the opportunity to try on your dream dress?


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    Wow! So stunning Sonia! You look like a million bucks. What a dreamy dress, I hope your friend said you could keep it 😉

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