What Sonia Wore: The Faux Fur Vest

I’m a bit of a weirdo when it comes to gift vouchers.

Whenever someone gives me one, I agonise over how to spend it.

Should I use the whole amount on one item? Heaps of little things?

Paralysis by (over) analysis.

So when THE ICONIC offered me a $100 voucher to spend on winter fashion, I naturally jumped at the chance {I mean, who wouldn’t?} and then found myself with about eleventy billion tabs open on my computer screen from the New Arrivals section. It probably took me the best part of an hour to eliminate items, one by one, before I finally decided on two key items I knew I would not only get maximum wear out of but that I could also mix and match with items I already owned. Plus they looked great when paired together.

What did I choose? A faux fur vest {I’m wearing the XS/S} and khaki chino pants {I’m wearing the M/10}.

A faux fur vest is a fabulous way to add warmth and texture to an outfit. You can either style it with pants (or jeans) and a top like I’ve done today or pop it over a dress, tights and ankle boots. It has a bit of a 70s bohemian vibe meets ski bunny chic, which I think is equal parts sassy and stylish. For more faux fur vest styling ideas, check out this post over on Styling You.

The khaki chinos are a skinny leg pant made from smooth cotton sateen and are bang on trend this season. Khaki looks fantastic with neutrals such as black, white, grey, denim and even with a dash of leopard print. For more khaki styling inspiration, check out this post and this one and also this one.

I decided to keep today’s outfit simple with a black and khaki colour palette, as I think it’s one that would suit most people and offers up a versatile outfit perfect for brunch or a coffee date or even a trip to the markets, the school run or a casual dinner with friends.

What Sonia Wore: The Faux Fur Vest | #fashion #style | SONIASTYLING.COMWhat Sonia Wore: The Faux Fur Vest & Khaki Pants | #fashion #style | SONIASTYLING.COM

What Sonia Wore: The Faux Fur Vest & Khaki Pants | #fashion #style | SONIASTYLING.COM

Shop with Sonia…
Vest: Dead Ivy ’99 Problems’ Vest from THE ICONIC* $59.95
Top: Glassons Merino Scoop Neck Top (in Black)^ $39.99
Pants: Atmos&Here ‘Element Basic Chinos’ from THE ICONIC* $59.95
Boots: FRANKiE4 ‘LiZ’ Ankle Boot (in Black)* $285

What would you spend $100 on at THE ICONIC?

Are you like me when it comes to gift vouchers or are you way more decisive?

* Items provided to me for my editorial consideration in accordance with my Disclosure policy
^ Affiliate link (if you click to buy the item, I earn a little commission but you don’t pay any extra)


  1. says

    Faux furl is amazing and I love it a lot. But I have to be careful as I overheat quite easily. A faux fur vest/gilet is just perfect. You look so amazing gorgeous girl. Have a great day. V x

  2. says

    I have to admit I’m going to be selling my faux fur jackets 🙁 as much as I love them, my partner hates them with a passion.

  3. says

    Love a bit of Faux Fur and as yet I am missing a black one in my life – I might have to have a sneaky peek at this one today! Love The Iconic! Shopping with absolute peace of mind, plus super speedy delivery!! x x x x

  4. Tam says

    Oh the agony of a gift voucher! I do the same! But I think you’ve made excellent choices & I love love love The Iconic for online shopping

  5. Kelky says

    Gorgeous outfit Sonia, I have been trying to find a furry vest to buy. Thank you, I may just buy the whole outfit! Xx

  6. Kelly says

    I am probably better now and try to make wiser choices (like buying things that will go with whats in the wardrobe etc) but let me tell you … a voucher burns a whole in my pocket like nothing else. It is lucky to last 24 hours!!

  7. Sam Leader says

    Can I just say I do love how you tell us what size you’re wearing. I find it so helpful!

  8. says

    I either try and maximise items for bulk value or get one ridic luxe thing that I wouldn’t normally spend the bucks on. I think I’d spend a long time combing The Iconic if I had a voucher . . . so much choice!!

  9. says

    Things you do on a Wednesday morning at 6.30am. Reading your blog post and straight away ordering this fake fur vest (been looking for a black one for a while). 6.40am all done. Great start to the day I reckon! Thanks Sonia! Loveeeee it! You look absolutely stunning! xx

  10. says

    Oh I love everything about this! I would totally buy that faux fur vest too, and black is perfect as it won’t date (at least not in a hurry anyway).
    On a total side night…your hair! I’m obsessed!! Xx

  11. Erin says

    OH I love this post. I have two faux fur vests, one brown and one black and I LOVE but find myself without the confidence to wear them. This has inspired me. x


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