Women beyond the wardrobe: Erin Scammell

Can I just say a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU!

The first chapter of women beyond the wardrobe was such a hit with you, which – if I’m being totally honest – just made me so incredibly happy.

As I said before, I’m forever inspired by other women – their work and their wardrobe.

I love to know how they ended up where they are, doing the work that they do. How they discovered their passion, their calling. I also love knowing where they like to shop and how they put their outfits together. What inspires them. What drives them. What lights them up. And what makes them click ‘add to cart’.

So here we go again!

Chapter two of the women whose stories I want to share…

Erin Scammell - The Stolen Stylist

Meet: Erin Scammell.

Erin is a personal stylist for women who want an easy, functional and stylish wardrobe.

Her business – The Stolen Stylist – was born from a love of style and a passion to empower others. Erin’s fashion philosophy? “Style doesn’t have to be complicated to be unique.”

Erin’s also a mum of 4 children under the age of 4, so completely understands a woman’s need to be able to get ready in a hurry as well as living the belief that style doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here is Erin’s story of her work and her wardrobe.

Erin Scammell - The Stolen Stylist

About your wardrobe… 

How would you describe your personal style?
Ha, this would depend on the day! In one week I can roll between casual, preppy, classic or street. I am a chameleon!

Where do you like to shop?
My favourite shopping location in Adelaide is Rundle Street, all my favourites are there. Lately, I’ve been quite active online, in particular on The Outnet – I do love a good designer bargain. However, I also love a good sift through an op shop. I tend to avoid fast fashion chain stores like Zara or H&M.

What are your wardrobe staple pieces that you can’t live without?
My current go-to would be my shirt dresses. I love the versatility of them! By layering them or wearing them on their own, they add a level of sophistication to every outfit. Must be in the formality of the collar.

What’s your ultimate ‘showpony’ item in your wardrobe? (That one piece that is just SO you)!
My sheer vintage dress that an old friend surprised me with from the Glebe markets in Sydney. It has spaghetti straps, a drop waist that loosely falls into a fluted skirt below the knee. With a delicate floral print, it is just so pretty but, again, versatile. Personal fave: over jeans and a white tee.

Who are your fashion icons/inspirations?
Vivienne Westwood is pretty darn fabulous. “Buy less, choose well, make it last.” I mean, can she be any more accurate?

Which items will you always splurge on?
Shoes! You can really mess up your feet, so I am willing to pay any price for a well-fitted shoe… as long as it is edgy.

And which items will you always save on?
Anything and everything! Everything goes on sale these days!

What’s your dream purchase?
Burberry trenchcoat… it will happen… soon.

Erin Scammell - The Stolen Stylist

About your work…

What do you do for a living?
I am a stylist that specialises in personal styling for women.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I am also a mother, so a lot of my week is doing mum and house stuff. When I’m working, I am either at a client’s home organising their wardrobe, or I am out and about, sourcing garments for them. Leading up to a workshop, I am doing a lot of (handwritten) planning and final sourcing of pieces for the event.

What’s your go-to remedy when you’re stuck in a creative rut? 
Get outside. The fresh air and elements (rain, hail, shine, snow, surf…) clear my head and make everything seem possible again.

How do you like to start your week? 
With a clean house!

How do you like to end your week? 
With a wine!

Who are your business heroes?
Tash Sefton but also anyone who is out there, giving their dreams a go.

What’s your next big adventure?
Oooh, I would like to say moving to France for six months. But taking my workshops to New Zealand will do for now.

What’s one lesson your business has taught you about life?
Don’t hold back. Anything is possible.

Erin Scammell - The Stolen Stylist

Join Erin at her upcoming workshop…

Erin has created this workshop to provide women with the simple style tools that will help take the stress out of getting dressed. The formula is what she uses with her clients and for herself, every single day.

In this workshop, she will cover:

  • Wardrobe Edits
  • How to establish your Basic wardrobe
  • Filling wardrobe gaps
  • How your Basic wardrobe will work for you
  • Styling your Basic wardrobe
  • Adding your personal style to your Basic wardrobe

And of course, there will be eating and drinking involved!

Bring your girlfriends and enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning in the Adelaide Hills (I’ll be going to the session on Sunday 23 September)!

Grab your tickets here.

Take the stress out of getting dressed workshop - The Stolen Stylist

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