Women beyond the wardrobe: Jody McGrice

So I’ve had this idea bubbling away for quite some time now and I’m finally putting it out there. Well, here. On this little blog of mine.

It’s called…

Women beyond the wardrobe.

You see, I’m forever inspired by other women – their work and their wardrobe.

I love to know how they ended up where they are, doing the work that they do. How they discovered their passion, their calling. I also love knowing where they like to shop and how they put their outfits together. What inspires them. What drives them. What lights them up. And what makes them click ‘add to cart’.

So here we go!

Chapter one of these women’s stories I want to share…

Jody McGrice

Meet: Jody McGrice.

Jody is a designer, copywriter, creative business mentor and mama to a gorgeous little boy named River. (Jody also created my biz – Scribe and Social – website.) Here is Jody’s story of her work and her wardrobe.

Jody McGrice

About your wardrobe… 

How would you describe your personal style?
Bohemian–luxe! I love the fusion of care-free and timeless style.

Where do you like to shop?
I am not a loyal shopper! I don’t favour one store or brand. Instead, I totally get my own personal style and what works for me. So, my wardrobe is everything from Kmart to Sportsgirl to Spell!

What are your wardrobe staple pieces that you can’t live without?
The perfect cut and fit of high rise jeans – so sexy! And, I love dresses. Oh, and adorable midriffs.

What’s your ultimate ‘showpony’ item in your wardrobe? (That one piece that is just SO you)!
I don’t think it’s a piece. More so a colour. I love red! Red dresses to be specific – I always feel most like myself in red.

Who are your fashion icons/inspirations?
Samantha Wills – the woman is style and grace personified. The ultimate bohemian-luxe muse. Oh – also Delta Goodrem – goddess!

Which items will you always splurge on?
I tend to shop with purpose. I’ll buy for an event or occasion as opposed to – just to have it! So, I will splurge if I found something fab – or if I feel great in it! I am all about doing more of what feels good – so that maybe splurging on a dress. 😉

And which items will you always save on?
Staples and basics! I am all for a $20 t-shirt from Kmart I can tie in knot with a pair of jeans or long skirt.

What’s your dream purchase?
Almost everything from Spell and The Gypsy!

Jody McGrice

About your work…

What do you do for a living?
I am a designer, copywriter and creative business mentor. I specialise in telling brand stories beautifully and cohesively through intentional design and content creation. I am energised by supporting and celebrating creative women in business and life.

What does a typical day look like for you?
My days are a fusion of being a mama and biz owner – a balance I am consistently tweaking and adjusting.

In an ideal world my mornings start with movement and meditation however, in this season of my life I am flexible with how this looks. My main focus each morning is to ensure my family and I begin our day in a beautiful state.

Mornings are my favourite time with my son, River. We make smoothies, share breakfast together and pop our daily blend of essential oils in the diffuser – there is also often music and silliness too!

On my set work days I aim to be at my desk by 9:30am – with a fresh coffee, glass of water and playlist selected. I only get two full days at my desk (the rest of the time is a working mama blend) so I spend most of the day deep in creation mode, stopping for lunch and sunshine.

I do try to keep my evenings for family time only – but – I am a creative and I ain’t gonna lie, I do love creating when our home is still and quiet and the cups of tea are aplenty. Alternatively, you will find me snuggled up with my husband on the couch – with tea!

No two days are the same but I like it that way; it keeps my creativity bubbling.

What’s your go-to remedy when you’re stuck in a creative rut?
I do have more than a few favourites: I step away from my computer, get off social media, head outside into the fresh air, move my body and reach for my essential oils. Sometimes it takes all of these, other times just unplugging and getting some fresh air will do the trick.

How do you like to start your week?
Mondays are one of my most creative days. I attribute this to forward planning. I know Mondays in my diary are wide open for me to create.

While no two days look the same each day I have a plan and a list of prioritise for my work and life (getting down on paper your most important tasks the night before is key). I believe structure creates freedom and space for us to enjoy our lives so much more.

How do you like to end your week?
I often do a quick week re-cap and plan out the coming week. I write my To Do lists, clear my inbox, clean my desk and switch off my computer. Weekends are for play and fun and adventures. Lately, I have booked a massage for the end of the day on Friday – I highly recommend this!

Who are your business heroes?
Can I say Samantha Wills again? She leads with such grace and kindness and vision. She uses her voice to focus on conscious kindness and empowering women in business – and I am all about that – and her! And, she is creative genesis!

What’s your next big adventure?
Well, I am keeping it close to heart for now. But, I am working on a platform to support creative women to thrive more in motherhood, business and life. Get your headphones ready! 😉

What’s one lesson your business has taught you about life?
We thrive when we live in a beautiful state. How we show up in life is how we show up in our business. Our lives speak louder than our words.

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Jody McGrice

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